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Group page for Women for Independence in Stirling. Women for Independence supports Scottish independence and gender equality.
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Please everyone be vigilant and if you hear of anyone who may have seen Jacqueline please get them to contact the police.

Many thanks!
I hope one or two of you clever on line sisters will attend the indy app training weekend: A guest post by Jason Baird of IndyApp Calling ALL Indy Group members and ALL Indy organisations! This is an open invite to a training event in Perth to every local indy group in Scotland … and to …
Tis the season to be audacious!

The programme for Audacious Women Festival 2020 is available now.

Loads of fabulous workshops and other events. As ever, there's something for everywoman, whatever her interests: Art, music, witches, night walking, herstory, theatre, film-making, writing, aging, cycling, coding, photography, empowerment and much more.

Tickets make unique presents for the...
Hi ladies - I am doing some research work for a TV programme - looking to speak to anyone who voted yes to indyref and then voted to leave in the UK referendum. If you did and would be happy to be part of a studio audience could you drop me a PM.
We can be pretty sure there's going to be a General Election within the next two to three months.

If you can make some time, do please come along to the Raploch for 9.15 am this Thursday 19th September, across the road from the Community Centre while folk are dropping children off at the school.

We're planning on talking to people so they can make sure they're registered to vote and can remind...
Please share this event 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Sunday 15 September @ 13.30

Victoria Hall Dunblane

Opportunity to catch up on all that has been happening and to discuss and plan our future activities.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

Any women interested in discussing Scottish independence are most welcome.
Hello from Brussels and the EU Council that promised a Brexit breakthrough and delivered nothing.

So on the basis of conversations with well placed sources, this is how I think the Brexit talks are placed (WARNING: if you are fearful of a no-deal Brexit, or are of a nervous disposition, stop reading now).

1) Forget about having any clue when we leave about the nature and structure of the...
May be of interest...
Let's give Alyn Smith's crowdfunder another push folks, and hoick the Tories out of Stirling. Independence is close and the SNP are our political conduit to winning it back. 💐😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Raising funds for the election campaign to elect the SNP's Alyn Smith as the MP for the Stirling Constituency.
It is coming. Nothing is going to stop us. Nothing. A senior minister has given the delivered the clearest signal yet that the Scottish Government will go to court if it is refused permission to hold a second independence referendum by Downing Street.
Tune in to radio 4 at 8pm this evening for Any Questions:Lineup is Stirling's SNP candidate Alyn Smith MEP, Sal Brinton, James Cleverly and Richard Leonard MSP. Chris Mason presents topical debate from Falkirk Wheel in Scotland.
Please come along to the Peace Pillar in Stirling next Sunday 10th November and be part of Stirling CND's informal gathering. We will be marking Armistice Sunday with an alternative message of peace.10 November 201914.00Peace Pillar in the grounds of The Smith Art Gallery and Museum (40 Albert Place, Stirling)Last year saw a lovely crowd of people. Catriona Whitton and others had made white...
Have a look! Share with friends and neighbours. Ask soft Nos to have a go. This is a great campaign tool. THE pro- independence Business for Scotland (BfS) group is rolling out its latest marketing campaign – Believe in Scotland – to offer convincing…
Humza Yousaf was on fire at the George Square rally. Listen to this! “Humza #indyref2020”
Anyone who says young people aren't interested in politics ... check this out. 😎 “inject this into my eyeballs Voter registration at 177K up from 139K the day before 🥂 We're gonna need this! 🗳️”
The very excellent Fidelma Cook. What a fantastic read.Independence is inevitable. The French have an expression, "La page tourne" – the page turns. They use it a lot and just the slightest inflexion or incline of the…
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