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WFI East Lothian +WFIEastLothian
Women For Independence East Lothian. The East Lothian offshoot of the national body that provides a space for women to discuss and debate the possibilities that independence offers.
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Extremely important information- please share.
Happy International Women's Day, to women everywhere. To the workers, the students, the dreamers, the ambitious and the content.

We wish you joy - and the freedom to choose whatever path suits you best. 💪❤️

#IWD2023 #EmbraceEquity
This is a brilliant idea!

Can you #GiveItUpForIndy?

Donate your coffee money for a month and we will put it to good use on the #IndyRef23 campaign trail.

We campaign for an equal and unbiased Scotland, where women’s rights and prospects are unfettered by misogyny. Help us continue this important work; we can’t do it without you.

You may miss your coffee, but there’s no buzz like an...
In a matter of weeks, you can have your say in who represents your views and concerns at Council level. Candidates are being announced already and its going to be very interesting to see the gender split of the new set of 22 councillors on 6th May.

Ensure you have your say and make sure you have a vote and apply for postal vote if necessary. Don't leave it to chance - postal voting means you...
We’ve been quiet for quite a while, we know! However, it’s not stopped more folk liking our page and following us….

Give us a wave to say hi, or drop a few thoughts in to say what you reckon we need to be planning in terms of events/ materials etc.

Many hands make light work so if you’re a member of WFI, and able to help out a wee bit, drop us a message!
His coverage of Indyref encouraged him to see the potential for a future for Scotland different to the rest of UK. Highlights why other parties need to think again.
We’re very keen to engage more fully with members, supporters and those still to be convinced...but today, we’re on the phones and knocking doors to get the vote out.

Whatever else you do today, make sure your vote is in!
With the Tories intent to increase the number of warheads, we’ll have no choice about where they are deployed.
Really excited about this manifesto. Just makes sense too!!

We advocate for a Scotland where women are part of every political and economic decision, both as decision-makers and as citizens who share equally their consequences.
Tomorrow marks the last day of the current Scottish Parliament with the election just 6 weeks away.

We know its been very quiet for a while but we're keen to start re-engaging followers and look to reach out to more women across East Lothian in coming weeks and months to promote the case for Indy.

Have you already made up your mind where your vote is going on May 6th? If so, willing to say...
We're holding a public meeting to discuss the new Scottish Climate Change Bill. The Bill will probably be discussed in the Parliament in March, but the Scottish Government is looking for responses to its consultation now. The consultation runs to Sept 22nd and it's really important that lots of people tell the Government what they think. Come along on Saturday 26th for a chance to learn about...
Tis the season to be audacious!

The programme for Audacious Women Festival 2020 is available now.

Loads of fabulous workshops and other events. As ever, there's something for everywoman, whatever her interests:
Art, music, witches, night walking, herstory, theatre, film-making, writing, aging, cycling, coding, photography, empowerment and much more.

Tickets make unique presents for the...
Are you struggling to think of decent ethical gifts for your women friends? Don’t give your hard earned dosh to the usual tax-avoiding groups that add nothing to Scotland! Buy them the gift of a Women For Independence membership!

Open to all women, they will be fully paid up members and therefore, receive all our “members only” information. They will also be joining a group of inclusive...
WFI has given me confidence in my own abilities and made me realise my self worth. To the point where I have now put myself forward as one of the candidates in the forthcoming selection for Westminster campaign for East Lothian.
Could I ask all you WiFIes to consider voting for me if you are members of the SNP within East Lothian.
If you’d like to ask any questions or get more info, please just...
Any events/meetings coming up? Thanks
Voting opens shortly for the Women for Indy National Committee. If you are a member, I'm after your vote. I am a dedicated activist both in my community and in the wider political spectrum. Involved with my Community Council and keen to make a difference. I strive to support and raise awareness for a number of causes that are close to my heart.
Recently elected as Women's' Officer for Edinburgh...
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