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Dundee group of WFI, a network of women who aim to improve the representation of women in public and political life throughout Scotland
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For women experiencing domestic abuse, having access to a secret phone can be a lifeline.

🚨The upcoming #EmergencyAlerts test could reveal the location of hidden phones to abusers🚨

πŸ“΅You can stop the alert by switching devices off or putting them on airplane mode.
Nicola Sturgeon is the first woman to be Scotland's First Minister, and she is the longest serving. She has led the nation and the Independence movement with unwavering focus, humanity and passion.

In her time as First Minister, she has delivered policies that are world-leading and life-changing for women in Scotland. We would particularly highlight the Domestic Abuse Scotland Bill, which...
Today we have a skip at North Erskine Street between 8.30 and 3pm
Please bring along any household good or electrical you want gone!
Today was our final day on the picket line but the dispute over cuts to the pensions of the lowest paid staff at the University of Dundee isn't over ❌

The fight will continue in the media, in The Scottish Parliament, and beyond 🌍

Thank you to all our supporters, helpers, and members πŸ«‚


This Saturday!

When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
This πŸ‘‡

All eyes are on the Dundee University picket lines when the focus should be on ensuring the institution is achieving its economic potential.
All those fighting for equality and independence should be supporting this dispute.

We were outside the Life Sciences building earlier at the University of Dundee as they launched their 'University Strategy' πŸͺ§

What's their strategy?

Cut the pensions of the lowest paid βœ…
Refuse to negotiate with striking staff for 12 weeks βœ…
Β£10k+ pay rises for executive staff πŸ’°

Get along to this and show your support.

Come and join us this Wednesday, 16 November 11:00-13:00, for an Open Day at Roseangle Kitchen Cafe β˜•

We'll be there to plan our next steps for our fight against the pension cuts at the University of Dundee and to talk about pensions, pay, strikes & working at UoD
From Parliament to the Picket! Come along tomorrow, Friday 4 November, to the Support the Strikers event at 12:00 ✊🏻
Roadtrip to The Scottish Parliament with a bus full of University of Dundee staff! 🚍

Highly paid University of Dundee management refuse to talk to us πŸ™Š

Join us, make some noise, and let MSPs know these cuts need to be stopped! πŸ”Š

12:00 - 14:00 at The Scottish Parliament building

Refuses to speak to trade unions βœ…

Refuses to speak to low paid staff βœ…

Will the Principal of University of Dundee, Iain Gillespie, speak to The Scottish Parliament ? πŸ€”

Will he explain why senior execs get pay rises and the lowest paid get pension cuts? πŸ€”

Time to talk Iain ⏰

This Thursday, 3 November 2022, we will visit The Scottish Parliament to meet with MSPs and talk about the pension cuts imposed by University of Dundee on their lowest paid workers.

Join us in Edinburgh, and make some noise to tell The Scottish Government we need action! πŸ“’

Local employer plans to cut pension scheme of lowest paid workers, many of whom are women, despite it being revealed that the scheme 'is in a good financial position'.

A union has slammed what it describes as an "unjustified" cut to pensions at Dundee University after its retirement fund saw a huge financial improvement
Support the Strikers event! Come join us next Friday 4 November at 12:00 ✊🏻🚩

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