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Women for Independence is a broad campaign for Scottish independence - making women’s voices heard in the referendum debate
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Women for Independence
You were not born to please. Author Aija Mayrock
Happy international women’s day.
#DareToChallenge #iwd2021 #ChooseToChallenge

Women for Independence

List of UK-based charities serving women and girls locally, nationally and internationally
“For some female voters, independence is now the safest not the riskiest option - the best way to distance families from the zealots and dogmatists running Britain. Opinion polls suggest the Indy gender gap has been reversed and women now back independence in greater numbers than men.”

It’s official.
Members don't forget to vote in the 2021 BY-ELECTION. We have two candidates for South of Scotland.
Sign into the members only section on the website for more information about the candidates and voting instructions.

Women for Independence campaign for Scottish independence, gender equality and social justice. Join or donate here.
Proud to say this was really a WFI initiative that was able to generate cross-party support following our campaigning. Scotland now leading the way. (Just in time for me to hit menopause 🙂)


Our research mentioned in the Guardian article too.
Guid mornin, sexy separatists!

Folk change their minds. That’s democracy.

Have a braw Saturday 😎

#ticktock #FromNoToYes
Nicola Sturgeon said the same of her conversation with the UN special rapporteur. This is seriously a war on poor women, a political choice not necessity.
As we approach #InternationalWomensDay2020 the UK still hasn’t ratified the #IstanbulConvention on violence against women & girls despite the historic legislation passed by ⁦
Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Eilidh Whiteford in 2017. Read my column in today's National

👉 “As Brexit chaos looms, @MatthewStadlen asks: do you want:” “So we take Jeremy Corbyn & Chuka Umunna and add the two most requested #NotOnMySide #PutitothePeopleMarch #RevokeA50Now #FBPE #JC4PM #Brexit Who would you rather see as Prime Minister?”
Get them telt A legal challenge to the way the Government changed the pension age for women will be heard in the Divisional Court next week. Backto60 has brought the case, which will examine whether 3.9 million …
See you in Gala!
Yes, yes and again yes! Jacinda Ardern, Nancy Pelosi and the power of female grace.
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