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Women for Independence is a broad campaign for Scottish independence - making women’s voices heard in the referendum debate
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How is everyone feeling following the announcement yesterday? We have a date to work towards now and time to start thinking about campaigning. For me it feels quite different this time. Everything’s been said. Minds are mostly made up. What approaches will work? Share your thoughts below.
Campaigners for the union try to make people fear that independence somehow risks damaging Scotland’s prosperity. Indeed, it sometimes appears to be their only tactic. All the evidence suggests that Scotland has what it takes to thrive as an independent nation and it will be the most advanced a....
Why is abortion criminalised in Scotland? Join us to discuss the legal and health aspects of this medical procedure - and abortion rights.
The starting gun has been fired and the walls of Westminster are shaking!

Rwanda. Foodbanks. Tory Cronysism. Racism, Sexism, Classism, Jingoism, Mismanagement (at best) of PPE contracts. Contempt for the law...We need out of this toxic relationship NOW.

Everyone has a part to play in freeing us. Remember Project Fear, last time round? If we're to counteract the scaremongering and outright...
““Independence…is not about turning away from the rest of the UK, Europe or the world.” – Nicola Sturgeon speaks to Katya Adler about Scottish independence. #HayFestival2022 @NicolaSturgeon @BBCkatyaadler
Women for Independence
You were not born to please. Author Aija Mayrock
Happy international women’s day.
#DareToChallenge #iwd2021 #ChooseToChallenge

Women for Independence

List of UK-based charities serving women and girls locally, nationally and internationally
“For some female voters, independence is now the safest not the riskiest option - the best way to distance families from the zealots and dogmatists running Britain. Opinion polls suggest the Indy gender gap has been reversed and women now back independence in greater numbers than men.”

It’s official.
Members don't forget to vote in the 2021 BY-ELECTION. We have two candidates for South of Scotland.
Sign into the members only section on the website for more information about the candidates and voting instructions.

Women for Independence campaign for Scottish independence, gender equality and social justice. Join or donate here.
Proud to say this was really a WFI initiative that was able to generate cross-party support following our campaigning. Scotland now leading the way. (Just in time for me to hit menopause 🙂)


Our research mentioned in the Guardian article too.
Guid mornin, sexy separatists!

Folk change their minds. That’s democracy.

Have a braw Saturday 😎

#ticktock #FromNoToYes
Nicola Sturgeon said the same of her conversation with the UN special rapporteur. This is seriously a war on poor women, a political choice not necessity.
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