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An open and diverse network of women on Arran who support independence for Scotland and aim to ensure the involvement of women in the democratic process.
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Holyrood's political outlook is vastly different from that of Westminster and this is one of many reasons that we do not work as a union.

Instead of piecemeal bailouts from WM, families on low income need a constant and ongoing commitment to improve their welfare and lift children out of the devastating cycle of poverty. If WM will not provide adequate support for the most vulnerable in...

As we head into the weekend, most of Scotland is hunkering down under an onslaught of wind and rain.

Let's take a moment to write to our MPs and ask them what actions they are taking to protect their constituents from spiralling fuel costs.

Still rankles -

The average woman affected by the change in pensionable age lost up to £50,000 in State Pension after the retirement age was upped to 65, and then 66 without proper warning.
Source: @Waspi_Campaign

How can we plan for our retirement if WM can move the goalposts without warning?

#livingshouldntcomeatacost #IndyRef2023
Philippa brilliant as ever, keeping her cool as always.

“It’s going to be brutal out there. @Dr_PhilippaW’s informed, authoritative smeddum is to be emulated”
Great stuff! ❤️

It was an absolute pleasure to show the Cabinet Secretary @mairi.gougeon.msp around the farm today. It is sometimes so nice to retell the story of Woodside Arran and see just how far we have come in a few short years. Also having a Rural Affairs and Islands minister who is so down to earth and actually understands the regenerative methods we use at Woodside really fills us...
Momentous speech from Nicola Sturgeon in Scottish Parliament today, giving a date for the referendum and outlining the way forward for the YES campaign - game on!
(starts at 3.56 and well worth watching all the way through).
Women for Independence stand in solidarity with women and human rights campaigners in the US and across the world, on this day and in the…
The starting gun has been fired and the walls of Westminster are shaking!

Rwanda. Foodbanks. Tory Cronysism. Racism, Sexism, Classism, Jingoism, Mismanagement (at best) of PPE contracts. Contempt for the law...We need out of this toxic relationship NOW.

Everyone has a part to play in freeing us. Remember Project Fear, last time round? If we're to counteract the scaremongering and outright...
I just had a conversation with someone who felt they couldn't be active in campaigning for Indy, as their anxiety prevented them from speaking to strangers and going to events. Because of this, they felt they weren't a 'real' supporter...

It's not true, of course. But it made me think about the pressures we put on ourselves. Many of us are limited in what we can do, because of health, caring...
Our own dear Dr Philippa Whitford SNP MP continues to battle for justice-
WfI Statement on Natalie McGarry Trial

Women for Independence were always clear when we reported the discrepancies in our funds to the police in 2015 that we did so in the interests of transparency and full disclosure. It was also a recognition that we knew the missing funds represented precious donations from hundreds of women, many for whom the donation was a sacrifice, and we could not let...
April 2 @ 10:30 am - 1:00 pm Stand Up, Be Counted! Zoom Women for Independence presents 'Stand Up, Be Counted!', in association with Change The Chat. Are you interested in doing politics differently? This event is for… Get Tickets Free 49 tickets left
A special way to celebrate International Women's Day in these sad times - 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇦
WFI Statement on Ukraine

Women for Independence - Independence for Women condemns the hostile acts of the Government of the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin in invading Ukraine. The right of the people of Ukraine to democratically determine the future of their country has been violated.

We stand with the Ukrainian people and add our voices in calling for an immediate withdrawal of...
You heard it from the bard on the 25th. Now, Let's Hear It Fae The Lassies! We're having a wee social on Fri 4th - bring a piece of your own, something from your favourite writer or artist, or just come for the chat! We have so many creative and inspirational women in this country and this evening is a chance for us to come together and celebrate their works.

Tickets are free to those who need...
Happy Burns Night to the Lassies!
Dr Philippa Whitford SNP MP spot on as usual!
Happy St Andrew's Day to all our members and supporters!
Michelle Thomson, who came to speak to us before covid struck, is now an MSP and here speaks very eloquently and passionately about a subject very close to all our hearts -
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