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WFI Arran +WFIArran
An open and diverse network of women on Arran who support independence for Scotland and aim to ensure the involvement of women in the democratic process.
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I continue to support WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign, Cunninghame WASPI 🐝, Ayrshire WASPI Group who have yet to receive justice since the UK Government increased the State Pension age by up to 6 years without giving appropriate notice, shattering retirement plans for a generation of women who were left disempowered...
When we talk about Independence, we must also talk about fixing the system.

Independence without equality is not independence.

#equality #WhyNotScotland #humanrights #Womanifesto
Happy Friday!

Here's a wee graphic about the shower running Westminster - and running us into the ground.

The International Monetary Fund has warned that Britain is expected to be the only large industrialised country to face a shrinking economy this year. Thanks, Westminster, for the slew of disastrous policy and procurement decisions that have broken us. It's not just Brexit - it's you.

Best Start School Payment - applications closing soon

The Best Start School Age Payment application window for 2022 – 2023 is closing for new applications on the 28 February. This one-off payment of £267.65 is aimed towards assisting families in the cost of their child starting their first year of primary school.

Parents or guardians who are not in receipt of Scottish Child Payment but...
Highly recommended!

Quines Cast is a new feminist arts podcast hosted by Hannah Lavery and Caitlin Skinner, featuring Scotland's leading writers and musicians.
Ye'll have had yer haggis and heard yer Burns
And now the lassies hae their turn
Sae join us soon for sang and spiel,
And chase the winter gloom as weel!

3rd Feb, 7.30pm on Zoom.
Tickets here:
Happy Burns Day - but don’t forget the Lassies! -

A website created by UVic's English 471 class
Online - sounds like a great idea!

It's cold and wet outside, but we have something to look forward to!

On Friday 3rd February, we're having a wee get-together online, for an evening of shared songs, stories and poems. Bring a piece from a Scottish woman creative to share with us - it could be your own or from a writer you admire. And if you would prefer to come along and listen, that's great,...
Happy New Year 2023 to all our friends and supporters! 🍾🥂🎉
Merry Christmas to all our members, friends and supporters!
So sad to hear of the death of Derek Bateman, who was one of our guest speakers for the referendum campaign in 2014 and who made such a positive contribution to the independence debate. He was a brilliant journalist and a fine man and will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to his family. RIP.

The father and grandfather had a distinguished print and broadcasting career spanning 45 years.
Last month, we were privileged to have Olha Maksochka give us a dramatic and moving account of fleeing #Ukraine with her small child and making a home in #Scotland.

If you missed her at our event, you can listen to her on IndyLive Podcasts:

Olha has asked me to mention AUGB Glasgow (, where she works. Her...
People who visit GWL regularly describe us as warm, welcoming and friendly. Everyone who visits is greeted by one of our staff team when they first come into GWL – it’s how we roll. Now…
#ClimateChange is an attack on the planet - but it's also an attack on women. The ongoing #climatecrisis🌍 is another case where women bear the brunt of its effects.

"At COP26, 10 out of the 12 UK leadership positions were held by men... despite 80% of those displaced around the world, forced into poverty and destitution due to climate change, being women."
Sue Lyons - Keynote speech at at...
It's Independence Day today! For Finland, anyway. They have no regrets over gaining independence. Funny, that - it's proven impossible to find a country that really wants to hand over its rights.

Wouldn't it be good if we could have Scotland's Independence Day popping up on our social calendars every year?

If you agree, then today is a great day to sign this:...

Some uncomfortable truths for #16Days:

*Over 1/3 of women experience #GBV
*Over 5 women or girls are killed every hour by someone in their own family.
*Less than 40% of women who experience violence seek help of any sort.

But that's not happening here, right? Wrong. In Scotland, reports of sexual crimes have jumped 6% in the last year. Most worryingly, this...
A lot can happen in 8 years. Since 2014, we have seen the UK turned into a cash cow for the rich, our assets depleted and our money squandered on dodgy PPE from even dodgier companies. We've also failed to see the delivery of pre-referendum promises made to Scotland, leading Yes and No voters alike to wonder why we have been so disdained.

Of course, the years of Tory greed & lies have made...
WFI Statement on the Supreme Court Scottish Independence Referendum Ruling
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