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We'll be looking at a Constitution for Scotland and, in particular, the Claim of Right - cited recently by Ian Blackford, SNP leader at Westminster, in the House of Common.

Ian Blackford MP discusses Claim of Right:

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This has to be the strangest excuse ever in the history of the Johnson administration?

Rishi Sunak claims computer systems won't let Tory government raise benefits

PARALLELS have been drawn between Chancellor Rishi Sunak and a character from a popular comedy show after the top Tory claimed the Government’s…
Sleazy money.

It has been reported that some Conservative and Unionist funding has come indirectly from one of Putin's blokes?
Who would have thought that this most sleaze ridden Political Party and the Government it formed would be a front for money laundering?
Please excuse me if I do not appear to be surprised as it is yet one more tick in the box for Johnson and his cabinet of the damned as...
Featuring Pepper Jock, Pete Scally, Kevin Gore, hosted by Shaun Moore.

#Yestival #ScottishIndependence #ScottishCulture

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ROUTE: Kelvingrove Park, Kelvinway, Gibson Street, Eldon Street, Woodlands Road, Sauchiehall Street, Pitt Street, West George Street, Blysthwood Square (S), West George Street, Nelson Mandela place, West George Street, George Square 👎, George Square.

See, March & Rallies for 2022:...
“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
Which is as good a way as highlighting that preparation is required before any campaign, be it military or political. So for those that continue to cry for a speedy move to a referendum, might I suggest they read Sun Tzu’s book.
I would also like to...
Another car crash interview (Gove).
It would appear that the Johnson Administration battles with one and other to determine who can deliver the least intelligent, most garbled and the most tortuous piece of English when speaking before the press!
They are all the product of an education system that will keep children on at the school regardless of scholarly achievement, providing of course that...
“The continued success and integrity of the whole of the United Kingdom is of paramount importance to her majesty’s government,”
And in that one statement the democratic and legitimate move to a position of self determination by the constituent parts runs head long into that which is undemocratic, very much reactionary and because of that most definitely conservative. The theatrical...
Right across this North Atlantic archipelago the wind of change is blowing as all three devolved administrations have rejected Johnson, all three are now looking to other independent countries and saying that could be us, that should be us, and by heck that will us.
The narrative of the beneficial union has been exposed for the lie that it has always been, we are no longer accepting their story...
Cliff and Russ from Veterans for Scottish Independence cast a critical eye on the events of the day
Well done to the member of the public for reporting the find and well done to EOD.

Unfortunately our waters were used extensively to dispose of every kind of munitions.

Bomb disposal team called out to Scottish castle over suspect item
National Newsdesk
Just now
A BOMB disposal team have been called out to a Scottish castle after a suspect item was found nearby.

A member of the public called...
The scream of a dying leviathan,

Will the Conservative and Unionist party look to within itself for reasons why it did so poorly south of the Rio Tweed?
Will they look to their leadership and applaud as that leadership fall on their swords as the results from Wales and Scotland are analysed?
Or will it take something else, perhaps the the Northern Irish power shift to force the issue? ...
😎 well that will be the propaganda trashed, the liars put to the political sword and the pillars of union the aristocracy, Westminster and Whitehall left wondering what to do next to prevent Scotland becoming Independent.

Our future is bright, Independence is right.
It’s Friday,,

Today we find out how our 32 councils areas will be run, did the Tories suffer the loses we all hope and have enough supporters of independence gained seats to send that message to Westminster?
Counting starts soon and I believe results will start to come in after midday,closer to 1400.
No matter how the votes go, no matter who gets in or does not get in, it will be the...
Gooooood morning the electorate of Scotland.

What a cracking start to the day, mind you I always feel upbeat as I go about exercising my democratic right on polling day.
The kitchen sink has been hefted towards us and fell short, DRoss, Sarwar, Cole-Hamilton and others have attempted and failed to derail the YES movement, it is now our chance to place that group of drones in the political...
LIVE on tonight's 100th show, a voice from #ScottishIndependence youth.

Euan is 16 year old and lives in the Scottish Borders . Currently studying politics and modern studies at school. #YesScots
That interview,,

Well it has been a couple of days now since the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland gave that interview to GMB and basically lied and mumbled his way uncaringly through a series of questions. However that is the Conservative and Unionist Party for you they do not care about a pensioner reduced to eating one meal a day and forced to ride the...
Kitchen sink time,,

In the seven days leading up to the start of the ground offensive at the Battle of the Somme (1st of July 1916) it is reckoned some 1.75 million shells were fired at the German positions by the Allies. We can contrast that to what we have to put up with prior to the polling booths opening on Thursday morning and we most certainly have had it easy after all lies,smears,fears...
It would seem that the unionist cause is lurching from one sleaze riddled scandal to to the next.
Apparently at one of the lockdown parties held at party central (formerly known as Number 10 Downing Street) there was a “sexist of the year award”? Quite rightly people have started to ask questions on the sanity of the administration lead by Johnson, very seriously the question is can...

In recent weeks, a number of damning allegations have plagued the Commons, with 56 MPs reportedly facing claims of sexual misconduct.
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