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Trossachs and Teith SNP is a political organisation, which covers a substantial area of Stirlingshire and Perthshire.
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It is 3pm and Polling Places will remain open across #Dunblane and #BridgeofAllan for another 7 hours.

You can vote until 10pm tonight.
It is 7am and Polling Places have just opened across #Dunblane and #BridgeofAllan.

Polls will be open until 10pm tonight.
Tomorrow is election day in #Dunblane and #BridgeofAllan.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm across the ward.

#VoteSNP to have a strong, local voice, with extensive working experience of local authorities, who will stand up for your community.
Have you remembered to complete and send back your postal vote for the #Dunblane and #BridgeOfAllan #ByElection on Thursday?

Great day canvassing in #bridgeofallan with Team Stirling SNP Two teams out speaking to voters who are unhappy with the Labour/ Tory Administration. Huge 7% council tax hike plus huge cuts to public services. Only Scottish National Party (SNP) can stop the cuts & look after precious services #VoteSNP
Postal votes are out already, Polling Day is Thursday, please vote for Ahsan if you live in Dunblane or Bridge of Allan !
A new rail station here would be within easy walking and cycling distance of Cornton and Causewayhead as well as being more convenient for many residents of Bridge of Allan and staff and pupils at Wallace High.Because the new station and the exist...
Great day campaigning in #Dunblane with Team Stirling SNP If elected, I will work hard for local people to really make a difference in my local community.

#VoteSNP Vote Ahsan Khan SNP for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan
Dunblane & Bridge of Allan postal votes will be delivered this week. I urge residents to please consider which candidate is best placed to support Council services and to deal with constituents’ problems.

I live in the constituency and have 25 years’ experience of senior management roles leading my organisations to award winning service levels. I know how to get things done.

The Labour...
Great to be out campaigning in #Dunblane today with Team Stirling SNP People shocked by Labour/Tory Administration budget slashing services & increasing Council Tax by a whopping 7%. #VoteSNP #VoteLabourGetTory
If I am lucky enough to be elected as councillor for #Dunblane & #BridgeOfAllan at 16th March #ByElection I will aim to bring my in-depth knowledge of local government workings and my professional experience together to serve the ward I call home.

The #Dunblane & #BridgeOfAllan #ByElection is two weeks today!

Postal votes will be starting to come through doors. If you want me to represent you as Councillor please put a "1" next to Khan, Ahsan Scottish National Party (SNP).

Seal the envelope and pop it in the post box before polling day!
Great campaigning in #Dunblane today. People really pleased that we’re chapping doors & having conversations 🗣 rather than just delivering or collecting leaflets 😉

Good to see Ukrainian flags flying too 🇺🇦

Thanks to the fantastic #SNP team & sorry to Iain for inadvertently cutting him out of the pic! 🙈

🗳 Scottish National Party (SNP)
Solid support in #bridgeofallan today for Team Stirling SNP A couple of people still disappointed about Nicola resigning but more determined to vote SNP at the local level. People reporting a marked decline in services since Labour / Tory coalition took over the council, with road issues high on the priority list for me if elected to serve this ward. And of course as usual now people...
If I am lucky enough to be elected as councillor for #Dunblane & #BridgeOfAllan at 16th March #ByElection I will aim to bring my in-depth knowledge of local government workings and my professional experience together to serve the ward I call home.

Great to be out with Team Stirling SNP in #Dunblane today speaking to people about the by-election on 16th March. Many voters saddened that the First Minister has resigned, but appreciate all she has done for the country. Also a very definite feeling that people are determined to #VoteSNP not only to show support for the First Minister, but to honour the memory of our late friend Councillor...
Another good campaigning day with Team Stirling SNP. Saw a couple of Tories out and about too, so made sure all our leaflets were safely out of their reach. 😜 #leafletgate Only the Scottish National Party (SNP) can beat the Tories here. #VoteSNP #StopTheTories
Good support on the doors in Dunblane this morning !
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