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Trossachs and Teith SNP is a political organisation, which covers a substantial area of Stirlingshire and Perthshire.
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Take a break from politics this weekend, at Callander Blues & Jazz Festival !!
Very many people will need help this winter, try this site for lots of helpful advice...

Information on help and resources available in Scotland during the cost of living crisis.
Out leafleting with some of the team!
Bad news for many Rural homes reliant on Heating Oil this winter. "Support" will be a measly £100, at a time people are being asked to pay £500 or more up front to fill their tank and prices have more than doubled... Westminster does not care.

Our Branch covers "Ward 1" of Stirling Council, stretching from the edge of Stirling itself north to Tyndrum, including Callander, Aberfoyle, Strathyre,...
When even the Financial Times thinks UK Govt Policy is "Fantasy".....

It is surely a fantasy that further tax cuts and deregulation will transform performance
Liz Truss and the UK Govt seems to believe in "Trickle Down" economics, that everyone will be better off if the richer get richer. As a theory it is just plain wrong. The very rich (companies & individuals) just pile up their money in low tax overseas accounts.

Our Branch covers "Ward 1" of Stirling Council, stretching from the edge of Stirling itself north to Tyndrum, including Callander,...
Information about Adult Disability Payment including payment rates, who should apply, how to apply, what happens after you apply and what to do if you disagree with a decision.
The Citizens Advice network in Scotland has launched their campaign “Our Advice Adds Up”, encouraging people struggling with the cost of living to seek advice.

The network provides free, confidential and impartial advice in a variety of ways. People can check their online advice pages, use the interactive Money Map tool or find their local CAB and get one to one advice.

More help for young families....

Our Branch covers "Ward 1" of Stirling Council, stretching from the edge of Stirling itself north to Tyndrum, including Callander, Aberfoyle, Strathyre, Killin and Crianlarich. Over 9000 people live and work in the area, much of which is also part of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.
With the Cost of Living Crisis looming, every extra penny will help. Make sure you, your friends and relations are getting what they are entitled to. Even the UK Govt estimate 800,000 people are not claiming Pensions Credit, worth on average an extra £65 a week.

Pension credit could boost your state pension income by £1,000s a year - use this Money Saving Expert guide to find if you're...
We are all set up with a stall at the Killin Agricultural Show on a sunny but breezy day. Come over and say hi if you are attending the show and fill in our survey board.
Westminster really isn't working, is it ?
Impressive hypocrisy from the Leader of Stirling Council, voting for a Tory motion to "Review" the waste collection service just after admitting that the outcome is already decided, then stepping outside to announce the "Review" to the General Public as if its a genuine consultation. Ridiculous. ( Thanks to "Yes Stirling" for making the piece).
My thanks to everyone who helped with the Stirling Council election campaign, I'm honoured to have been selected to represent Trossachs and Teith and I look forward to working on behalf of everyone in the Ward to make the area a better place to live, work and enjoy life.

Thanks again !

Councillor Gene Maxwell.
Polling stations for the Stirling Council election are open tomorrow from 7am to 10pm. Please remember to vote SNP 1 & 2, with no X's in this proportional representation election.
If you haven't returned your postal vote, please hand in your completed ballot paper in the sealed return envelope at any polling station tomorrow.
Many thanks for all your support.
Your two SNP Candidates in Ward 1 "Trossachs & Teith". Please vote SNP 1 & 2 .
Please Vote SNP 1 and 2 on Thursday !!
#Callander a bit ☔️ now but good response for local candidate John Watson! John Watson Remember 🗳 vote SNP 1 for Watson and 2 Maxwell #VoteSNP #bothvotesSNP
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