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Lesley debates the effects of Nicola's resignation with Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph...aye...we know... :D
Lights On…our film of our night, produced by the team of @LesleyRiddoch, @aigwilson, @FraserDThompson, @macdonke and @SKB_FILM.

Thanks to everyone who came along & made it such a special night. To the speakers…@lornaslater, @AlynSmith, @JimFairlieLogie, @MthMttCoe, @ScotlandEurope et al.
Jim Fairlie, SNP MSP and farmer talks to broadcaster Ken Mcdonald about the detrimental costs of Brexit on Scottish farming.
31st January 2023 at 5.00 p.m. at Pollock Halls of Residence to set off at 5.30pm to walk through Holyrood Park…. To gather for rally at 6.00 p.m. at Scottish Parliament
A film of our Supreme Court event outside the Scottish Parliament last year. Enjoy.
#TimeForScotland presents LIGHTS ON…Scotland’s Place in Europe…It’s Up to Us…a rally on 31/1/23 at Holyrood. On the 3rd anniversary of Scotland’s forced withdrawal from the EU…come for a night of music & speakers.

To register and get further details
See you all in 2023…thanks for everyone’s support.
By Hamish Henderson. Performed by Dolina MacLennan and Lesley Riddoch.
This is our Scottish Parliament, the place most Scots think should make the big decisions - like independence. Tomorrow the Supreme Court will announce whether this place can hold an independence referendum. Join us here tomorrow 23/11 because it's OUR choice. #TimeForScotland
So…the world will know at 9.45am on Wednesday the 23rd of November, the decision of the UK Supreme Court on the competence of the Scottish Parliament to hold its mandated independence referendum. We’ll be there from 5.30pm at Holyrood and at other locations throughout Scotland.

Join us in Edinburgh next week or...
Every supporter of democracy recognises this…
A simple principle that none can disagree with...
We hope to replicate the turnout and media impact of the Supreme Court verdict day rallies with a call to keep the lights on for Scotland in Europe – at Holyrood, around Scotland and in European capitals.

There will be music and performances by European citizens who have made Scotland their home along with guest speakers – and lots of lights.
Event Details
Alyn Smith MP, Janina Jetter, Jim Fairlie, Cllr Martha Mattos Coelho
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