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When I named this blog, it was in the belief, we would have to take a detour but would eventually stray back onto the path of independence. That has not happened, the detour turned out to be a mystery where no one knew the destination taken or when we would get there. All we knew … Continue reading Destination Unknown!
Testing out the live stream.
Four polls have suggested a significant rise in support for independence. The latest from YouGov has ‘yes’ at 53% and … More
Dunfermline was the place to be yesterday if you wanted to show your subservience to the new King Charles. No, … More
A look back on where we were on the 19th September 2014 and where we are now.
When I set up my blog after the 2014 referendum, I felt the ‘free by twenty-three tagline was fitting as … More
I remember back in March 2018 a great many of us encircled Holyrood, well when you could protest outside, before … More
If you caught First Minister’s questions you will have no doubt saw the outrageous behaviour of Tess White. White seems … More
There is a time and place for discussions on gender identification, however, those discussions should be kept out of nursery. … More
There is something desperate about the First Minister’s invitation to the Prime Minister. Instead of summoning Johnson to Bute House … More
Scotland, my Scotland, what have you become? You were once a beacon of light for those who need it, a glimmer … More
Are we any nearer to independence?  I mean it’s been what? Two months since Sturgeon are her minions re-entered Holyrood. … More
It would seem that the ‘both votes SNP’ crowd have gone silent could it be that they are finally realising … More
This past month all we have heard from south of the border is the words ‘it’s coming home’ sung by … More
I don’t know about anyone else, but I am past listening to anything Ian Blackford has to say. It would … More
There are many who call themselves British I however am not one of them therefore you can imagine my surprise … More
It would seem the people of Scotland only have pride in their country when the national team are playing. Any … More
According to ‘The Times Article’ NHS staff in Scotland are being invited to sign a pledge and wear a badge … More
I don’t know if anyone else in the ‘yes movement’ has noticed but groups that were set up during and … More
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