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The #SSP is the Scottish Socialist Party — Scotland's working class socialist party
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Scottish Socialist Party National Cospokesperson Colin Fox has called for a new Scottish Independence Convention to be held in 2023, with a remit to change the strategy of the pro-independence [...]Read More...The post Scottish Independence: indy movement needs new strategy appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement only ensures that further misery and conflict are on the way for working-class people. [...]Read More...The post Autumn Statement: Hunt’s budget ensures further misery and conflict are on the way appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
How can workers defeat the class war unleashed by the Tories and employers? How does the strike wave relate to socialism and independence?
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UNITE members at the Co-op's only remaining coffin-making factory in the UK are striking for a decent pay rise. They are united and determined to win, after voting by 96% to strike, in an 86% turnout. UNITE's Willie Thomson spoke with the SSP's Richie Venton.

Bosses of the "caring sharing Co-op" first offered a...
Colin Brown, FBU National Executive Committee member for Scotland, spoke with SSP Trade Union organiser Richie Venton at the Scottish Parliament [27/10/2022]

On average, a firefighter's pay is down 12% over the last decade. 10% of Scotland's fire appliances are unavailable for service, only because they don't have...
Richie Venton, SSP National Trade Union Organiser, spoke with RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch on the Scotrail picket line at Glasgow's Queen Street Station this morning (Monday 10 October 2022)

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Members of #RMT, #CWU, #UNISON, and #PCS trade unions, plus Scottish Workers Solidarity Network and the SSP, got together because workers are in the fight of our lives.

We need united initiatives by the STUC and union leaders across sectors, with the mass involvement of workers in deciding upon and taking meaningful...
Low-paid workers on Avanti West Coast have taken strike action today, Friday 23 September 2022, to demand a decent pay rise. [...]Read More...The post Avanti West Coast: Strikers resist class war on railway workers appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Liz Truss has not done nearly enough to end fuel poverty. A demonstration will take place in Edinburgh on 1 October 2022 to demand action. [...]Read More...The post End Fuel Poverty: Tell Truss she hasn’t done enough appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
SSP National Cospokesperson Colin Fox has issued a response to the announcement that Boris Johnson will resign. [...]Read More...The post Boris Johnson resignation: “opportunity to step up opposition on pay, jobs, independence” appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Following the result of the CWU ballot for strike action in the BT Group, SSP Workplace Organiser Richie Venton has offered the following statement of solidarity: “RMT members have already spearheaded the resistance to systematic, coordinated attacks on pay, jobs and public services by the Tories and employers. “Now members of the Communication Workers Union [...]Read More...The post...
The SSP has supported Scottish independence since inception. We need to agitate and organise to build a case for independence that cannot be ignored. [...]Read More...The post Scottish independence: “build a case for independence that cannot be ignored by Westminster” appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Here is what YOU need to know about what the SSP is doing next - and how you can help:. [...]Read More...The post Struggle, Solidarity, Socialism: Here’s what comes next appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Voters in Edinburgh are demanding emergency action on the fuel poverty crisis, a recent survey has revealed. [...]Read More...The post Fuel Poverty is a top concern for communities. That’s why it’s our priority too. appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
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The SSP stands beside P&O workers. P&O are guilty of one of the worst acts of capitalist thuggery. We call for P&O to be nationalised. [...]Read More...The post Nationalise P&O to Stop Capitalist Thuggery appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
The Scottish Socialist Party is in full solidarity with crews fighting back against P&O's outrageous sacking of 800 workers. [...]Read More...The post Save Jobs and Wages: Nationalise P&O Now! appeared first on Scottish Socialist Party.
Scottish Socialist Party activists yesterday joined workers from RMT and Nautilus International in demanding that P&O reinstate sacked workers – and that the practice of recruiting workers on extreme poverty wages comes to an end. On 17 March, P&O sacked 800 workers by video call – and replaced them that day with agency workers on [...]Read More...The post P&O: Reinstate...
P&O's sacking of 800 workers is an outrageous act of capitalist thuggery.

Richie Venton, of the Scottish Workers Solidarity Network, was invited to speak as RMT, Nautilus, and other trade unions protested at Clyde Marine Recruitment of Govan - who are involved in hiring replacement workers for sacked staff.

Workers gathered at Cairnryan to protest the sudden sacking of 800 workers by P&O Ferries. On Thursday 17 March, P&O Ferries sacked 800 workers by video without warning – and bused in agency replacements on wages as low as £1.80 per hour. Workers protesting the loss of their livelihoods were handcuffed and dragged...
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