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Official group of The Hub, the pro-independence social media platform. Made in Scotland. For Scotland.
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Some of you reading this will have heard of The Hub - perhaps even used it - however a lot of people will be unfamiliar of what it is and why you should be using it. Put simply - The Hub is a social media platform, dedicated to Scottish Independence.… Continue Reading Campaigning With The Hub
Yet another fantastic year on The Hub, as we approach almost 500,000 items on the app and website. We had over 12,500 posts in October alone. A big thanks to Paetrons and those that have taken out a subscription directly on the app or website. Your support helps pay for… Continue Reading 2022 Round Up
Just 30 seconds of Rishi Sunak waving awkwardly
Scotland's GDP in 2021 is estimated to be £180.7 billion in total, or £32,974 ($39,000) per person. On day one of independence, this would make Scotland richer than Italy & Spain and just behind Japan. We would be twice as rich as Hungary, Poland and Croatia and three times richer than China (source). This is not the… Continue Reading Believe In: Our Resources
When you ask people about what Scotland has given the world, they will more often than not reply "TV" and "penicillin". What's incredible about our country is that our citizens didn't just invent two things that completely revolutionized the world. Scotland invented the modern world. Botanists, geologists, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, zoologists,… Continue Reading Believe In: Our...
With the Cost of Living crisis biting hard on all of us, I have had to look again at the way The Hub is financed. Rising server costs and the price of third-party scripts that The Hub needs to function mean that it is getting harder to keep the apps… Continue Reading Adverts On The Hub
I have been informed I am facing possible redundancy from my job.

It is not an understatement to say that this may directly affect my ability to keep The Hub operating.

If you can, please consider donating to my Patreon to keep it online!
There has been a lot of talk in the media and social media about Scottish Independence & pensions. As usual, the anti-independence argument boils down to threats that rUK will act like a petulant child and refuse to honour National Insurance Contributions, leaving our pensioners with nothing to show for… Continue Reading Scottish Independence & Pensions
What's New on The Hub?

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2021 was once again an extremely busy time for The Hub's development. From dark-mode to local adverts, the plethora of features has been sprinkled across a multitude of different areas of the apps and website. I'm very proud of what has been achieved on The Hub, and even after 8… Continue Reading 2021 Round-Up
Scotland has its own social media platform - dedicated to Scottish Independence. From articles & videos, to events & fact checking, the app has everything you need to keep yourself informed about the debate on Scotland's future
The updates keep on coming for The Hub, which has seen a huge number of tweaks & bug fixes to keep the apps looking sexy and easy to use. So here's a run down of what has been happening...   Added GIF support The apps and website now have the… Continue Reading The Hub v5.2.3 New Features
A couple of weeks ago, I released a scaled back version of The Hub on Wear OS devices that allowed you to scroll through a list of upcoming events. Since then, I have been looking to see if there was anything else on The Hub that would lend itself well… Continue Reading The Hub On Wear OS – Updated
The Hub really comes into its own when it comes to listing events that the Yes movement are taking part in. The app recently added its 2,000th event to the database, an incredible achievement and that's without holding a proper independence referendum campaign yet. I'm always interested in finding new… Continue Reading The Hub On Wear OS
Believe In Scotland are co-ordinating a Day of Action on 18th September 2021 - the 7th anniversary of the independence referendum. Yes groups around the country are taking part in a variety of activities including leafletting, street stalls, newspaper drops & demonstrations. As always, The Hub is here to list… Continue Reading Believe In Scotland Day of Action
There have been a large number of changes to The Hub over the last few months and now that I've caught up on a lot of the coding, it's good to take stock and list the major changes there have been to the apps since the last update.   New… Continue Reading The Hub v5.1 Release – Dark Mode & More…
Dark theme is coming...
A week ago I announced a review of groups on The Hub due to the majority of their output being more about being negative against another pro-indy party (primarily the SNP) than making the case for independence. My concern is that visitors to The Hub may be subjected to content… Continue Reading Changes To Acceptable Group Content
A very long time ago when I first had the idea for The Hub, I made the decision that it should be a place to hear both sides of the argument. I wanted visitors to read from both sides before deciding which way they would vote in a future referendum… Continue Reading A Pro-Independence App For Pro-Independence Content
Last night (17th May 2021) I took part in Independence Live's "Yes Corner" series, which shines a spotlight on resources that can help the Yes movement. Over 30 minutes, we discussed how The Hub was created, what features it contains & how useful it is to campaigners. As always, there… Continue Reading Watch Again: Yes Corner No. 7
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