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The party has urged the Scottish Parliament to back a motion opposing the proposed new site near Shetland.By The Canary
Inmates at HMP Perth will not have access to courts, lawyers, family visits and cannot use the gym.By The Canary
The report raised concerns that funding channelled towards the pandemic response would detract from resources previously allocated to climate action.By The Canary
The UK Cabinet Office minister said he ‘can’t see’ Boris Johnson agreeing to another vote before the next general election.By The Canary
Two men being detained in an enforcement van were eventually released after it was surrounded by protesters.By The Canary
People have been celebrating a massive community victory after police released men detained by Border Force officials in Glasgow after protesters surrounded their van … Read moreBy The Canary
Another referendum is the “will of the country” first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said after Scotland elected a majority of pro-independence MSPs. IndyRef2 The … Read moreBy The Canary
The SNP leader and Glasgow regional list candidate Roza Salih met three Syrian Scots at Annette Street Primary School polling station in Govanhill.By The Canary
Elections are being held across Great Britain.By The Canary
A new party is calling for devolution of power in the UK. But, it’s not quite what you may think. Because the group is … Read moreBy Steve Topple
This is the final part of The Canary‘s #Independence2021 series before elections on 6 May. And it comes as Boris Johnson is embroiled in … Read moreBy Peadar O'Cearnaigh
The activists said they are demanding a safe, green future.By The Canary
But in Scotland, that figure is said to be just 31%.By The Canary
The SNP leader said she feared her predecessor may deter former No voters from making the switch and backing independence.By The Canary
Neale Hanvey has followed East Lothian MP Kenny MacAskill in joining the newly-formed operation.By The Canary
Giorgi Kakava, 13, was aged just three when he fled from Georgia with his mother Sopio Baikhadze, who died in 2018.By The Canary
More than 90,000 people have signed a petition calling for Giorgi Kakava, originally from Georgia, to be allowed to stay in Glasgow.By The Canary
Believe in Scotland (BiS) is a website that aims to answer questions about Scottish independence. And as reported on its website, the Advertising Standards … Read moreBy Peadar O'Cearnaigh
Despite Johnson’s bluster during the final days of Brexit negotiations about ‘taking back control’ of British waters, the UK fishing industry is enraged by … Read moreBy Peadar O'Cearnaigh
Image description A bar graph is illustrated in this cartoon. The first bar is tiny, coloured green, and labelled “Usual UK media coverage of … Read moreBy Ralph Underhill
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