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Invigorating and elevating the debate on the economics of Scottish independence
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Summary A recent paper from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) points to an improvement in Scotland’s fiscal balance over the next […]
Listen to Graeme Blackett of @BottomLineScot discussing the latest projections from the Institute of Fiscal Studies and what they mean for Scottish […]
Summary One of the costs of dependency is that Scotland is part of a UK economy that has been underperforming. This has […]
Summary One of the most important indicators of a thriving economy and healthy society is that the people living in the country […]
The current UK political and economic crisis is not delivering what the Scottish economy needs. This is not a recent phenomenon, but […]
The Success of the Water Industry in Scotland, 2002-2022 By Professor David Simpson Introduction The common theme of the papers published by […]
“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men […]
The UK has been one of the poorest performing economies since the […]
Long Term Performance of UK Economy and Small Countries This paper is […]
Global Challenges, Rapid Change and Radical Uncertainty We live in an age […]
The Bottom Line aims to invigorate the debate on the economics of […]
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