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The Blether provides a platform for the voices of supporters of the SNP and independence of all ages, ethnicities, faiths, genders, and sexualities to share our views.
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A route map to the real prize of independence - becoming a truly rich society, where we ensure that no one has to rely on a food bank to eat.
What we learned from the evidence to a committee of Boris Johnson's former chief advisor', Dominic Cummings
Tories are increasingly pushing the idea of a "war on woke". What is it and why do we need to avoid it?
Rev Hutton Steel discusses the hallmarks of civilised society.
The UK Government is dismantling democracy and removing our human rights. Kate Monahan writes about why we should take to the streets and protest.
Scotland's baby box is game changing. Jenny Bruce Nicol writes about the impact it's had.
The pursuit for equality is at the heart of the case for independence - Julie Hepburn
"If our parliament and government has to make choices that prioritise wellbeing, rather than chasing economic growth, we’ll all be better off. " Kirsty Blackman on a Wellbeing Economy
The SNP National Disabled Members' Convenor on the SNP's new pledge for accessible housing.
A ruling on an attempt to strike down the Scottish Government's equality law, and to claim that trans women are not women in law, has failed. Jonny Kiehlmann writes on the struggles we face during the slow fight for equality.
William MacKenzie writes for the Blether on what it was like growing up with Polaris nuclear submarines next door.
Kat Cary imagines a future Scotland. A federal, independent, republic.
Siobhan Tolland writes about where we are, and how to rehumanise our society.
There is a higher rate of Autism diagnosis for boys; but is this really because boys are more likely to be autistic, or is it because girls are less likely to be diagnosed?
Self-declaration of disability status is a gendered issue and a matter of human rights.
We are delighted that Westminster Women and Equalities Spokesperson, Kirsten Oswald, has written for us on International Women's Day.
This week, join us as we celebrate International Women's Day.
Disability justice campaigner, Fiona Robertson writes about autonomy and interdependence, and why the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
As Scotland looks at how to recover from the economic hit of covid, what can we do to protect and support our local businesses?
How do we prioritise? How should we prioritise? Do we spend enough time checking our privilege?
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