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In the past few days it has become obvious that the UK government has enlisted new allies in its fight against Scottish independence … the Royal Family. Prince William’s emotional speech at the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly on Saturday was widely reported in the...
The defeat inflicted on Britain’s Home Office on Kenmure Street may prove a crucial turning point for Scotland. In the years since the independence referendum, many of us have felt a frustrated imp…

Almost two weeks after a general election delivered an undeniable pro-independence landslide victory we seem to be stuck in an endless debate over what constitutes a mandate for indyref 2. Almost every day Unionists move the goalposts over what they would accept as definitive support for another
An accurate profile?
A disgraceful personal attack and callous indifference to Scottish crofters by the Prime Minister of England today. As long as the English aristocracy keep their sporting rights over crofting lands the crofting communities can go to hell.

Would this happen to French farmers???
No chance! French farmers have the cojonas to stand up to those who wish to undermine their business.

The New...

“On the left, a headline about the fact that the SNP's draft bill might or might not be competent now that the election is past (which SNP seniors told all of their members it definitely would be). On the right, arguments from the #peoplesas30 warning....”

Nearly 450 nuclear safety events have been recorded at Scotland’s naval bases over the past three years, with the frequency of incidents rising sharply.

“Who is REALLY insulting Tory voters? Paul Mason for calling out Tory Corruption? Or Tory MPs who misused tax-payer money during a pandemic? @RobertBuckland @PaulMasonnews #BBCqt”
Well said mate!

“📣 @paulmasonnews calls out Westminster's attempts to deny Scottish democracy: 👏 "It's not your business. Under international law, nations have the right to self-determination." 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland's future is Scotland's choice - not Boris Johnson's, Keir Starmer's or anyon...
"You have become the very thing you swore to destroy."
Obi Wan Kenobi.
Whilst the focus has been on Holyrood, the outcome of elections south of the border also has significance for Scottish politics.
Shows the scale of the protest in Glasgow yesterday.

“"and send them homeward, tae think again!"”
"This is a guest post from a business friend of mine who is currently living in Estonia but who has considerable experience in running businesses in the Baltic’s and other Eastern European nations. He has experienced the creation of new currencies and he relates those experiences in this article. Phil Lawrence, originally from Buckie is a longstanding supporter of Scottish Independence." Iain...
'Wishy Washy' Wishart getting a 'doing' from DRoss. TBH 'Cosy Pete' has done nothing to advance the cause of independence in his 20 years in Westminster.

Watch Douglas Ross indulging in what is the most juvenile, obnoxious, bullying and objectionable behaviour ever seen from a politician of any hue. Alister Jack co-stars and gives him a run for his money. This really is worth watching.
Luke Warm the man we threw out still trying to usurp Scottish Democracy

THE former head of Downing Street’s Union Unit believes the Tories should change the law to prevent Scotland from holding a…
Nice to see Joanna back.

This is "Queen's Speech debate 11 May 2021" by Joanna Cherry on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
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