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Gartmorn Dam looking particularly beautiful today for our coffee, leaflet and litter pick 😁
Too busy being activists to keep up with the bigger picture? Check out the Indy Jigsaw podcast - narrated by yours truly! 😁

Here is this month's selection of clips from's weekly politics show the Indy Jigsaw (Noon on Tuesdays on Features: Lesley Riddoch, James Hawes, Dr Philippa Whitford, To

“Scotland set to lose 2 WM MP’s, Wales lose 8, England to GAIN 10. Here’s your “equal” family of nations in action. A political Union with England tightening its iron grip on its dictatorial rule. Time for Scotland to have no WM representation. Independence is the only way 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳...

“Eva Comrie @mickbrick54 with community leaders last night.”
on now - very interesting talk from Dr Tim Ridout on currency in an indy Scotland
IRVINE WELSH ‘The real fear of elites in England is that, if Scotland is independent, at a stroke, there’s no royal family, no House of Lords, no Eton. And people in England are going to say – we’ll have some of that.’

“@Celebs4indy Nigel Biggar at Kevin Hague’s These Islands meeting. “What concerns me about...
Outstanding video which hits the 'nail on the head,' so to speak and highlights this important issue in womens' right.

The importance of language in women's health care

A second referendum in Scotland is “likely” before 2025 and Wales must prepare for it by holding its own constitutional convention, the First Minister has said. Mark Drakeford told the Morning Star that the Welsh Government would be pressing ahead with the convention...

“If 64 countries were able to find & use a LEGAL method of seceding from WM & obtaining GLOBAL acceptance, why on earth are Scotgov not looking at their methods & choosing one to use to gain OUR independence? A comment on the Yours for Scotland blog”
It's no Scotland's job to save England from itself. 🤔
"Votes for English Laws (EVEL) set a precedent under which Westminster Parliamentary procedure can allow MP’s from the UK nations to vote on issues uniquely concerning that nation. Scottish MP’s can do likewise in voting to withdraw from the 1707 Treaty of Union.

Previously, this was essentially the view held by Margaret Thatcher and politicians of all political stripes, that if in a general...
How is Scotland's sovereignty after the UK Supreme Court striking down Holyrood legislation?

“On the occasion of the UK Supreme Court's preemption of Scots Law”
Finally some independence leadership:

“The current UK constitutional set up permits a Northern Irish referendum on Irish reunification every 7 years. Why should the position be any different for Scotland & why shd a party that hasn’t won an election in Scotland since the 50s set these conditions?”

“So if the Supreme Court tomorrow strikes down Bills passed by the Scottish Parliament, then it can also strike down a Referendum Bill. In that case no ballot box for Scotland until 2026 election. Despite warnings some people ain't getting this!”
"Scotland cannot have both democracy and the Union. The Union is fundamentally anti-democratic. The Union must be broken for democracy to prevail. Democracy cannot prevail while Scotland’s Government and Parliament operate strictly within the legal and constitutional frameworks established by the Union for its own protection. So long as our elected representatives accept the British Crown in the...
So Scotland is not a nation according to the English Nationalist Conservatives and we can't leave the Union.

Even though an English majority in HofC (85% of all MPs) have passed legislation to change or reword the 1707 Act of Union and pass new acts they did not necessarily have the 'right' to do so?

From the 1941 Atlantic charter (Churchill promised restoration of self-government to those...
"The British political elite is embarked on a project to eradicate all that is non-British and fully, irrevocably incorporate Scotland into the ‘Great Britain’ imagined by Boris Johnson. and our own Scottish Government is doing nothing to defend us against this British Nationalist onslaught. It is as incredible as it is intolerable that this British Nationalist project should have been...
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