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"We can do better than this, and we have no right not to try. We have no shortage of those who have not given up." The post Sean Bell: The long goodbye appeared first on Source.
As a fitting end to Source, we wanted to introduce an independent community magazine that is presenting news at the hyper-local level - Greater Govanhill magazine. The post Greater Govanhill: Embrace and Support Diverse Voices in the Media appeared first on Source.
"Should we feel defeated? Only if we have forgotten that history has its own ways. The season will turn."The post David Jamieson: Scotland, the locust years? appeared first on Source.
Sport is the one area where Scotland is defiantly autonomous on the global stage. But even with a match against England at Wembley, constitutional politics barely featured as a point of interest or controversy.The post Source Direct: Independence – Fantasy and Reality appeared first on Source.
"We remain enormously proud of the work we have done and the unique contribution Source has made to the Scottish media landscape."The post A statement from Source appeared first on Source.
"As the necessity of extending the eviction ban grows ever more obvious, we must remember: Your landlord is not your friend. They are not your genial host. They sustain themselves by leeching from you all they can get, in exchange for which they occasionally send someone round to fix the boiler." The post Sean Bell: Extending the eviction ban is the bare minimum of what is required appeared first...
"The Afghan War, which inaugurated a wave of western attacks in Asia and North Africa 20 years ago, will prove in its last act the futility and destruction of 'humanitarian intervention'."The post Analysis: Taliban rule and further conflict are the fruits of ‘western interventionism’ appeared first on Source.
The real-life case of Daniel Morgan, the private detective murdered 34 years ago in a South London car park, could be Line of Duty’s case for the defence. The independent inquiry into his death features enough elaborate plot twists and cartoonish villainy to keep Ted Hastings busy for another six series.The post Source Direct: Bugging, Burglary and Bribing Bent Coppers appeared first on Source....
"It’s hard not to view GB News as Neil's next step in his march of destruction through institutions which once promoted stability for Britain’s ruling strata."The post David Jamieson: GB News is the feeble product of Andrew Neil’s crusade against journalism appeared first on Source.
The ultimate the "bad guy" here isn't really the local authority, the devolved administration or even the outsourcers — it's the Home Office. But their demonstrable badness only adds to the vicious cycle of rival nationalisms.The post Source Direct: Outsourcing, Dispersal and Hostility appeared first on Source.
A new poll has shown that 86% of Scots are in favour of the Scottish Parliament should examine the issue of assisted dying, as there is currently no legislation covering suicide or assisted dying.The post Poll Shows Scots are Heavily in Favour of Change to Assisted Dying Legislation appeared first on Source.
“Decisions made at the G7 summit this weekend will set the agenda for the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November, so we want to make sure that the world leaders know that we are watching them closely, and they won’t get away with any more greenwashing.” - Extinction RebellionThe post Extinction Rebellion Head to Protest at the G7 Summit appeared first on Source.
In the festival of great power politics, Britain and Europe are nowhere near the main stage; for all the shouty antics, both are being drowned out by the big acts.The post Source Direct: Special Relationships on the Couch appeared first on Source.
"Will Scottish civil society be strong enough to resist dangerous escalations, waged not in the name of the ordinary citizens of China or Scotland, but in the name of competition for wealth and power?"The post Analysis: Is Scottish politics mature enough to resist the anti-China axis? appeared first on Source.
If students pass through an American history course believing Woodrow Wilson was a saint, or a British history course believing the same of Winston Churchill, education has become indoctrination.The post Source Direct: Britain’s Empire – Education as Propaganda appeared first on Source.
The launch of the People United, a cross-border campaign for Scottish independence, will hopefully inject some positivity into a melancholic movement. It aims to start an international debate about self-determination, not just for Scotland, but for the rest of the UK, Catalonia, the Basque Country and beyond.The post Source Direct: Independence – Uniting the Peoples appeared first on...
"A low tax regime and de-regulation are the preferred models of attracting foreign investment, and the Scottish Government is certainly exploring just such incentives."The post Analysis: Does foreign investment mean the rise of ‘global Scotland’? appeared first on Source.
The Scottish Government has put forward a £400,000 grant to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland for its Saving Wildcats project. The post Scottish Government Funds Project to Save Wildcats from Extinction appeared first on Source.
The poll demonstrates, if nothing else, that it’s theoretically possible to win massive public majorities for a post-oil economic agenda. So, what’s stopping us?The post Source Direct: After Peak Oil appeared first on Source.
Regardless of whether the lab leak thesis is remotely plausible, the liberal moral panic about Trump clearly had a chilling effect not just on public debate, but also on research agendas.The post Source Direct: The Lab Leak Hypothesis appeared first on Source.
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