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The Shetland Greens promote the Scottish Green Party’s vision of a more equal society.
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Very important that they get our views on our transport service. Please complete this survey. It doesn't take long.

Securing a sustainable future for Shetland
A NEW handbook has been created for anyone thinking of standing in the next council elections. A number of current elected members have also shared their thoughts on the role, touching on the key skills required for the job and also some of the challenges involved. The next...
Worried about bills and money? Our advice adds up. The Citizens Advice network in Scotland is launching ‘Our Advice Adds Up’, a campaign to help people who are facing money issues this autumn as the furlough scheme ends, the value of Universal Credit is expected to be reduced and the energy pric...
This is a a great idea and alongside counsellors in schools this will be welcomed by many.

The project will ‘help to provide our young people with the skills and resilience they need to take steps to recover from the pandemic’
Thanks to all our volunteers who campaigned in Foula last week.

It was great to hear so much support for marine protection of local waters from industrial fishing.

Sustainable management of fisheries could support a thriving community here.
Shetland Green members were amongst the 500 plus people at the council’s Pedal Lerwick event on Sunday.

There were all different shapes and sizes of bikes, with unicycles, tandems, cargo bikes, folding bikes, e-bikes, tricycles and recumbent bicycles being ridden by people of all abilities.

The event came the day after Scottish Green Party members voted overwhelmingly to approve a deal with...
A SHETLAND based new energy company has been awarded £40,000 from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) to help make kite energy a reality. Rod Read recently moved from Lewis to Shetland and is now in the process of setting up a larger test centre at the former oil airport at...
There’s nothing glorious about the intensive and damaging killing, burning, and degradation of our landscape that is associated with driven grouse shooting #NatureEmergency #Inglorious12th
Commenting, Scottish Greens environment spokesperson Mark Ruskell said: “The beaver is an endangered and protected species in Scotland, so it is very encouraging to see signs that its population is growing and spreading. It plays an important role in the ecosystem.

“However, this population growth does not excuse the killing or exporting more than a tenth of the population last year. It’s...
Organised by Shetland Greens, a group of politically diverse protesters got together to protest the future drilling of the Cambo Oil field. #saynotocambo Help us share this message by watching and sharing this video.
Organised by Shetland Greens, a group of politically diverse protesters got together to protest the Cambo Oil field. #saynotocambo Watch this amazing video.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The left-leaning government of Greenland has decided to suspend all oil exploration off the world’s largest island, calling it is “a natural step” because the Arctic government “takes the climate crisis seriously.”
Planned strike action by air traffic controllers has gained support from the local branch of the Scottish Greens. It follows news Sumburgh-based workers would stage...
While we appreciate this strike will be a major inconvenience for many, the Shetland Greens do fully support it. We must not allow HIAL to decentralise air traffic control from the islands at the cost of jobs and the Shetland economy, and to compromise safety.

Vote like our future depends on it. Vote Green on May 6th.
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