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The Shetland Greens promote the Scottish Green Party’s vision of a more equal society.
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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The left-leaning government of Greenland has decided to suspend all oil exploration off the world’s largest island, calling it is “a natural step” because the Arctic government “takes the climate crisis seriously.”
Planned strike action by air traffic controllers has gained support from the local branch of the Scottish Greens. It follows news Sumburgh-based workers would stage...
While we appreciate this strike will be a major inconvenience for many, the Shetland Greens do fully support it. We must not allow HIAL to decentralise air traffic control from the islands at the cost of jobs and the Shetland economy, and to compromise safety.

Vote like our future depends on it. Vote Green on May 6th.
Shetland Greens support changes to the way the drugs issue is handled asking for a new approach. Please read.

THE LOCAL branch of the Scottish Greens is advocating the creation of a safe injection facility for drug users in Shetland as part of a raft of measures to break the vicious circle of problematic drug use in the isles. The party, which will be putting forward candidates at next...
Letter from one of our members, Alexander J Armitage, on the drugs issue with a new approach, backed by the Shetland Greens.

Last month, a record seizure of £135,000 worth of heroin was made in Lerwick, a fitting way to mark the 50th anniversary of the Misuse of Drugs Act, a law passed in 1971 which prohibited the use of all recreational drugs except for nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. The...
Shetland Greens on why the road upgrade is not going to solve the problem of speed or address active travel.

The Shetland branch of the Scottish Greens say rather than widening the road the council needs to ensure that island roads are safe for all road users
We need proper community involvement not just lip service.

Shetland Greens, however, call for more “meaningful involvement of the community” in projects like Cerulean Winds’ ambitious plan
Our article in the Shetland Times got the Smirk treatment :)
Is it time for party politics in the SIC? We believe it is.

Coming up at 5.30pm
The Greens announce they'll stand candidates in next year's council election - we'll hear from Debra Nicolson
SSEN explain their grid expansion plans
First Shetland Strongwoman competition planned
and a date's set for the college merger
5.30pm, 92.7fm
Lorna Slater MSP, and Scottish Greens Co-Leader making her first speech at Holyrood. No, we don't want blood sports on our hills. Watch the whole speech here.
Our regional list lead candidate, @ArianeBurgess. 2nd on the list is Anne Thomas and in 5th place Debra Nicolson, Scottish Green for Highlands & Islands regional list. #VoteGreen to get these brilliant women into Holyrood.

Scottish Greens
#VoteGreen on May 6th for Scotland's natural environment.
#VoteGreen like your and their future depends on it because it does.

Vote like our future depends on it. Vote Green on May 6th.
A regional vote for the Scottish Greens is FIVE TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than a vote for the SNP.

It’s the Greens or the Tories for the last regional MSP place so please #VoteGreen to elect Anne Thomas, our second lead candidate to Holyrood.

Our Scottish electoral system means that on the regional ballot, a vote for the Scottish Greens is likely to be about five times more effective than a vote...
Interesting letter from one of our Orkney Green friends on military spending.

Did you miss some of our letters covered in the The Orcadian? We will be sharing some here this week...... See this one from Orkney Co-Convener Helen K Woodsford-Dean on UK Military spending. Is it a priority?
Our future depends on it and these little guys future depends on it so please #VoteGreen for us and them.

If you're interested in wildlife, nature, biodiversity - call it what you will - there's only one way to vote on Thursday! Here's a message from Alison Johnstone, with one of our Orkney Little terns as depicted by a pupil from the Hope Primary School:

On Thursday Scotland goes to the polls...
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