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As awareness of social justice movements increases, so too do the number of schemes designed to encourage members of marginalised groups to run for elected office. Such schemes may provide mentoring, financial support or publicity for women, disabled people, LGBT+ people, BAME people etc. Yet before one can even access such schemes, the barriers to […]The post Barriers to Participation...
On Monday evening, Vladimir Putin ordered troops to cross the border into Ukraine. Russia claims they are “peacekeepers”, aiming to protect the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), based in two Russian-backed separatist controlled areas. In a speech shortly before this invasion, the Russian President denied Ukraine’s right to statehood, recognised the […]...
When I was in Primary 7, at the tender age of 11, I was tasked with the Immortal Memory for the school Burns Supper. For the unfamiliar, the Immortal Memory is a speech considering the memory and legacy of Robert Burns, Scotland’s national bard, culminating in a toast to the man himself. Now, having grown […]The post Robert Burns: A Man with an Immortal Memory? appeared first on...
2045 is too late for Scotland to be ending our contribution to climate change. We need far more ambitious targets; if we wait 24 more years we will already have seen warming of a level that will destroy whole island countries, make swathes of the planet uninhabitable, and lead to a crisis of unprecedented levels. […]The post 2045 Will Be Too Late appeared first on Sensibility.
There’s an old joke attributed to David Foster Wallace that goes something like this; two young fish are swimming along and bump into an older fish heading in the opposite direction. The older fish greets them, ‘morning boys, how’s the water?’ The two young fish continue on their way for a while before one turns […]The post Values Worth Defending appeared first on Sensibility.
(Editor’s Note: This was a statement written by Ewan Summersbey that was initially posted to Out for Independence’s social media, and we are grateful that he has agreed for us to cross-post it here. Ewan Summersbey is a gay man who has been living with HIV for 15 years. He currently works for a mental […]The post World AIDS Day 2021 appeared first on Sensibility.
This is a guest post by Chris Duffy. Chris is a third year PhD student and long-standing member of the SNP who is currently serving as SNP Students secretary. The SNP has always been a party with its roots deep in the educational institutions of Scotland,  from founding of the first precursors of the party […]The post The Student Manifesto appeared first on Sensibility.
It surely doesn’t take a Yes voter to notice that the British constitution is deeply odd, and in few ways more so than the monarchy. The UK’s Head of State is at once in a position of immense privilege but little power, both a person and an institution. It is a paradox made sustainable by […]The post The British Monarchy: Why Even Bother? appeared first on Sensibility.
Prior to the Scottish Parliament Election in 2021, the SNP published their manifesto, including supplementary sections on a number of specific issues, one of which was disabilities. Following the announcement of the Programme for Government (PfG), and in light of the deal with the Scottish Green Party, it is important that we look at what […]The post Hopes for Disability Policy in Scotland...
However much we might wish otherwise, our society and lives are populated by traditional stereotypes and the roles we assume people fill. These are complex and interlinked – the stereotype that such traditional views might have us expect from, for example, a straight white man, differ from a Black woman, which will differ again from […]The post Masculinity appeared first on Sensibility.
Join Kat, Erin and guest host Josh Mennie as we talk sense about medical assistance in dying.This episode contains graphic descriptions. If you want to tune in for a discussion afterward, it starts at 29 suicide, death, graphic descriptions of terminal cancer and death processes
This time, @kat_cary and @seunte talk to @JoshAaronMennie about Medical Assistance in Dying. Just a heads up, this episode contains mentions of death, suicide, and graphic descriptions of cancer and death processes.The post Talking Sense: Medical Assistance in Dying with Josh Mennie appeared first on Sensibility.
This is a guest post by Tyler Cary. Tyler Cary is a New Scot from Wyoming. He moved to Scotland with his family in 2016 and has a masters in global environmental politics from the University of Edinburgh. Previously a member of the Scottish Greens, he is currently a member of Edinburgh Central SNP. Let’s […]The post First Safe Country appeared first on Sensibility.
Amid the sound and fury of the now-fading Brexit debate, there has been much discussion about the consequences of leaving the EU: the economic ties that have been broken and the free movement of peoples that we have abandoned. But to a Scot considering the prospect and character of a new independent country, the question […]The post What Being an EU Member State Could Mean for Scotland...
Recently, the news in Scottish education was that the SQA would be abolished and replaced. In Scotland, we like to pride ourselves on our school system’s inclusivity, diversity, and strong history. Education is important here: it is a policy priority for most parties, and we often bring up – free tuition is commonly mentioned in […]The post Neurodiversity and the School System appeared...
Join Kat, Erin, and guest host Carly as we talk sense about sex workers sexual assault, police brutalityFor links to all of the organisations and books mentioned in this week's episode, please visit the Sensibility blog.
Join Kat, Erin, and guest host Carly as we talk sense about sex workers rights. Links from the episode Organisations:Scot pep: lane: Reading List:Equally safe: the Scottish Government’s analysis of the 2020 public...
Join Kat, Erin, and guest Stephen Paton as we discuss transphobia, the NHS rainbow badge scheme, and Pride month! Apologies for the delay in posting as this was recorded in mid-June.The post Talking Sense: Pride Month with Stephen Paton appeared first on Sensibility.
Hello and welcome back to our much-delayed Pride episode with journalist Stephen Paton!
Join Kat, Erin, and guest co-host Olaf, as we discuss the latest developments in the Israel/Palestine conflict, the latest developments in Israeli politics, and what lessons we can take away and apply to the yes movement.
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