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Scottish Reserve Bank +ScottishReserveBank
The Scottish Reserve Bank website attempts to clear up many of the deliberate myths surrounding the establishment of a new Scottish currency
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The process of introducing the new Scottish Currency.

How easy is it? When will it happen? How long does it take to create the Central Bank? Where do we get our Foreign Reserves from?
The rationale for introducing a new Scottish Currency and the Scottish Reserve Bank as our Central Bank.
What will we call the currency, shouldn't we use the Euro, and why not just informally use Sterling?
A guest speech at the Alba Party Conference (Oct 2022) in which we answer the Scottish Currency Question. There is no question as the only question is whether Scotland wishes to restore its Independence, or not. There are two clear examples of countries that have done exactly what we need to do. Botswana used to use...
How Scotland introduces its own currency after Independence
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After Independence we can improve pensions and the way pension savings are re-invested in the Scottish economy and Green New Deal.
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What happens to our pensions as Scotland transitions to being an independent country.
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Dr. Tim Rideout
Speech proposing that the SNP must now start work on the Scottish Reserve Bank (Establishment) Bill. At the SNP Conference in April 2019 it was decided that we should start the preparations for our own Scottish currency the day after a vote for Independence, so we are ready to introduce the currency as soon as...
In an independent Scotland we will be increasing the staff in the Scottish Government from the current 7,500 to around the 50,000 level found in a comparable country such as Denmark. These new posts should be divided fairly between the 32 councils, with an extra uplift of at least 20% for rural, remote or deprived...
The answers to the questions the voters need - Currency, EU, Pensions, Jobs and the rUK Border.
Session 1 at the Scottish Currency Group Conference on 29 Nov 2020. Designing the Scottish Reserve Bank panel discussion with Prof Richard Murphy, Dr Craig Dalzell from Commonweal, Dr Tim Rideout from the SCG and Kairin van Sweeden from Modern Money Scotland
Scotland without its own currency would be like the carpenter without a saw.
Trailer for the Scottish Currency Group Conference November 2020
Economist Dr Tim Rideout lays to bed the Unionist myth that all the major banks will leave an independent Scotland.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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