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Scottish Liberals For Indy +ScottishLiberalsForIndy
Liberals who want independence for Scotland
 Joined September 2022
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🚨| Website Launch

Off the back of our first meeting with members and supporters, we're officially launching our (potentially temporary) website!

You'll be able to find our policies and how to join and volunteer for us. #indyref2 #indyref2023

Set up in August 2022, Scottish Liberals for Independence aims to represent progressives and liberals in the...
Say it with us: the πŸ‘ monarchy πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ danger πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ our πŸ‘ democracy πŸ‘

We must leave the monarchy behind when we win independence. That and independence will make Scottish democracy thrive again. #abolishthemonarchy #indyref2 #indyref2023

We're no longer attempting to link with the Lib Dems. Instead, we're transitioning into a national, progressive and liberal campaign for an independent Scotland.

If you want to see that as well, please join us! #indyref2023 #indyref2

A PRO-independence group launched by LibDem members will not become officially affiliated with the party and will...
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