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Working to make Scotland a better place. Founded 1990, been at Holyrood since the start.
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With just 8️⃣ days to go we've sailed past an astonishing 50,000 objections against Flamingo Land!

Get your objection in this week and help us #SaveLochLomond

Flamingo Land are back. Over two years since they were forced to withdraw their application as a result of our campaign, the Yorkshire-based theme park operator have submitted new plans for a 'tourist resort' on the shores of Loch...
No child should be locked up or destitute. Every MP who voted for the Tory anti-refugee Bill should be utterly ashamed of the pain that they are knowingly inflicting on some of the most marginalised people in our country.

THE UK Government’s Illegal Migration Bill could leave 200,000 people, including 40,000 children, locked up or forced into destitution, the…
Wishing Muslims in Scotland and around the world a blessed Ramadan 🌙 #RamadanMubarak
In January 2022 the Scottish Greens delievered free bus travel for everyone under 22. Since then hundreds of thousands of young peple have benefited, taking over 50 million bus journeys.

Not only is the scheme improving education, work and social opportunities and saving people money during a cost of living crisis,...
Today the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill was published, a key commitment of the Bute House Agreement!

It will:
🟢End the endemic persecution of wildlife on grouse moors
🟢Ban inhumane traps like glue traps
🟢End the practice of setting fire to the moors on peatland soils, and tightly regulate burning elsewhere

This is a hugely important piece of legislation.

Our land and wildlife...
Nuclear is not a viable or green option. The production of new nuclear power is extraordinarily expensive and will take years, if not decades, to become operational.

Renewable energy is the cheapest and cleanest energy available, and Scotland has huge potential to develop it.

Last week's UK budget was a bleak day for our climate. Throughout his speech the Chancellor kept referring to his...
With Scottish Greens in government, Scotland is leading the way on walking, wheeling and cycling.

Building safe active travel infrastructure is essential if we're to cut our climate emissions, reduce air pollution, and build safer communities to work, live and play in.
1⃣0⃣ days left to #SaveLochLomond!

Lodge your objection to Flamingo Land now:

Flamingo Land are back. Over two years since they were forced to withdraw their application as a result of our campaign, the Yorkshire-based theme park operator have submitted new plans for a 'tourist resort' on the shores of Loch Lomond at Balloch. With your help, we can stop this – lodge an obje...
Experts say research provides clear evidence minimum unit pricing has reduced harm caused by alcohol
The climate crisis is already having a direct impact on hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The age of fossil fuels has to end if we are to have any kind of sustainable future.

Scientists have delivered a “final warning” on the urgent need to take more ambitious action on climate change​ after the publication of a…
“This generation of politicians needs to think about the lasting impact we have and how we are remembered. Do we want to be the ones who saw this crisis coming, had the science at our fingertips and carried on walking into catastrophe? There is nothing inevitable about climate breakdown, but, as this report makes clear, we need to act now.”

- Mark Ruskell MSP - Scottish Greens

A brutally...
The stakes couldn't be higher. The decisions the Scottish Government makes over the coming months will be crucial.

The calls come on the day a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is scheduled to be made public.
Last week's UK budget announced another fuel-duty freeze. This is a policy that has now cost the UK £80 billion since 2010.

How could that money have been used to transform our public transport netowork, instead of further subsidising fossil fuels?

The cuts and freezes in fuel duty since 2010 means the UK’s CO2 emissions are as much as 7% higher than they would have been.
It was an illegal war predicated on a lie, but no-one has ever been held accountable for the civilian lives it took, says Maggie Chapman

THIS coming Monday marks 20 years since Tony Blair and George W Bush began their disastrous intervention in Iraq.
Blocking the Scottish deposit return scheme would be an environmental and democratic travesty.

Environmental campaigners furious Alister Jack intends to deny trade exemption for bottle recycling proposals
Climate change is the greatest challenge the world will face this century.

It's a challenge that Scotland can lead on, transforming our energy supply and building a clean, green and renewable future.

Ariane Burgess MSP - Scottish Greens at today's First Minister's Questions 👇
While the country struggles, the Tories are hard at work growing the bank accounts of their rich mates.

No money for nurses, doctors or teachers note critics as Starmer says UK is on ‘path of managed decline’
Today saw another disastrous Tory budget for people and planet.

More cuts and sanctions on the most vulnerable, to fund tax relief for the rich.

Scotland can do so much better.
130,000 PCS members are expected to join 1000 picket lines against the UK Government today, including at the Scottish Parliament.

We won’t be crossing picket lines, but will be working for our constituents, fighting for a fairer, greener Scotland, and standing shoulder to shoulder with workers.

GREEN MSPS will not cross virtual or physical picket lines when staff from the PCS union go on...
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