How to start a new central/reserve bank - With a blank canvas what role could a new central/reserve bank play in Scotland?. 12.00pm - 1.15pm

The economics of land - Do we use or abuse Scotland's 'natural capital'? 12.00pm - 1.15pm

The Social Justice and Fairness Commission - 12.30pm - 1.00pm

An easy guide to Quantitive Easing - What role did and does "QE" continue to play in the economy? 1.30pm - 2.15pm

Job Guarantee or Universal Basic Income - Two radical policies go head to head? - 1.30pm - 2.15pm

Session to be confirmed - 1.30pm - 2.15pm

Session to be confirmed - 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Monetary Policy v Fiscal Policy - Over the last few decades western governments have moved from using fiscal policy to monetary policy to control the economy. We discuss the impact of this seemingly benign choice. 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Community led economy - What would a Scottish economy focused on communities look like? 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Session to be confirmed - 3.45pm - 4.45pm

Radical economics - What would a radical Scottish economy look like? 3.45pm - 4.45pm

How 'Just' is Scotland's Just Transition? - A Just Transition is possible, but only just. So how does Scotland get there? 3.45pm - 4.45pm

What is a wellbeing economy and how do we get there? - 5.00pm - 6.00pm

The circular economy - 5.00pm - 6.00pm

The source of Scotland's wealth - The role of empire in creating and sustaining our high standard of living. 6.15pm - 7.15pm

The Economy of Dundee - 6.15pm - 7.15pm

OUR MASSIVE MYTH BUSTER SESSION - Myths and misunderstanding dominate the narrative around our economy. But not anymore! - Hosted by comedian Tadhg Hickey. 8.00pm - 9.30pm
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