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Scotianomics aims to spark a knowledge revolution and inform the decision makers on Scotland’s economy
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Public Attitudes Toward Wellbeing Economics in Scotland A major survey of Scottish public opinion, revealing the overwhelming support for Wellbeing economics – with 78% believing that quality of life, equality, fairness and happiness are all economic factors that should be given equal weight to economic growth.  1,070 individuals, from across Scotland, took part in this […]
Survey of businesses to establish the economy-wide and industry level impact of COVID-19 in Scotland A major survey of Scottish businesses, revealing the full impact of the Coronavirus lockdown – with confidence so badly damaged that 61% fear they will go bust, despite government support.  More than 400 companies, working across 17 broad sectors, took […]
COVID-19 Risk Monitor Our COVID-19 Community Risk Monitor measures the level of risk exposure of Scotland’s 354 local authority wards to the the COVID-19 virus. Analysing data concerning connectivity, population structure and health, we rank Scotland’s communities according to the level of threat they face.
Country Risk Monitor Our Country Risk Monitor report analyses country performance across a range of indicators – political, social and environmental – to help your organisation anticipate risks and identify opportunities across the world. Our intelligence provides the foresight to protect your existing investments or projects, and the vision to build new partnerships.
Global Risk Monitor Our Global Risk Monitor report maps where risks originate, how and where they can spread through economic relationships, and how prepared states are to deal with them. This will provide your organisation with insight into the growing risks that advanced economies face, so you can begin to anticipate and mitigate crises.
Environmental Policy Progress in Scotland Briefing Paper
Developments in Scotland’s Space Industry Briefing Paper
Impacts of Brexit Across Income and Demographic Groups in Scotland Briefing Paper
The Proposed Scottish Visa System Briefing Paper
Scottish National Investment Bank – Views and Ideas Policy Response
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