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I KNOW that, with the Rutherglen by-election just a few days away, some voters are still considering voting Labour out of sheer frustration at the SNP’s lack of progress towards independence over the last few years. I hope, however, they will see that the new SNP leader intends to move us forward more positively, having already stood up to a Westminster diktat on safe drug consumption rooms,...
I DID not know if I should be laughing or crying when I read in Sunday’s National the words of the SNP candidate in Thursday’s by-election. She apparently referred to the historic Hamilton by-election win by Winnie Ewing taking the seat from Labour in 1967 and how that sent “shockwaves” through the country. Loudon went on to say she hoped voters in the area would take the chance to “send...
ALISTER Jack has said the era of “devolve and forget” is “dead” as he vowed to continue to work directly with local authorities and bypass
THE Tories have been accused of “pre-election bribery” and “insulting” Scottish voters after another devolution funding snub.
DOUGLAS Ross dubbed Humza Yousaf’s independence plan as “rash and irresponsible” and claimed the First Minister is more “reckless” than Nicola Sturgeon.
A TOP Indian official has complained to the Foreign Office after protesters prevented him from entering the Glasgow gurdwara.
RANGERS have launched an investigation after a flag featuring a Nazi SS symbol was spotted at a recent Ibrox match.
RISHI Sunak was welcomed to the Conservative Party conference by a heckler with a megaphone.
HUNDREDS of women have been forced to travel from Scotland to England to access abortion care in just over four years, according to official data, with pregnancy services claiming numbers are growing year-on-year.
Veteran MSP Fergus Ewing has said he will not be “hounded out” of the party he loves following his suspension for voting against the Scottish Government.
A WORD cloud broadcast on the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning politics show has revealed what people really think about Rishi Sunak.
THE UK Government is set to bypass the Scottish Parliament to give funding directly to seven Scottish councils in a further devolution snub.
RISHI Sunak repeatedly dodged questions on whether HS2 will run to Manchester during a car crash TV interview.
SCOTTISH Conservative leader Douglas Ross will accuse the SNP of presiding over a “forgotten” Scotland in which those outside the central belt are ignored, in a speech to the Conservative Party conference.
THE licensing scheme for short-term lets has come into force across Scotland.
DOES the independence movement generally, and the SNP in particular, have an issue with industrial action by trade unions?
ON Saturday, the new £39 million redevelopment of the National Gallery of Scotland’s Scottish Galleries opened to the public.
WESTMINSTER has decided that people of different backgrounds living together, sometimes called multiculturism, is not necessarily a good thing. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, said so at a right-wing meeting in the US a couple of days ago. This, despite being a beneficiary herself of a generous welcome to those coming from elsewhere.
THERE is a long road ahead for sweeping reforms set for Scotland’s legal system and some of the changes are likely to be hotly contested and resisted.
THE Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election campaign trail has been a long one with plenty of twists and turns.
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