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RUSSIA’S invasion of Ukraine throws into “stark relief” the dangers of energy systems powered by foreign fossil fuels, COP26 President Alok Sharma has said.
NANCY Pelosi showered praise on Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland as the two politicians met in the US Capitol.
DEMOCRACY is not in a good way across the West and developed capitalist world.
As Israel and the Palestinians wrangle over the investigation into the killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, several independent groups have launched their own probes.
Failure to secure a “just transition” from fossil fuels could open the door to authoritarian leaders, Nicola Sturgeon has said.
IT is gratifying that Nicola Sturgeon is perceived, throughout the UK, to have been “more than competent” in dealing with the Covid pandemic. She is, however, only rendering managerial competence to our incompetent London overlords!
ONLY an independent Scotland with its own central bank and currency can both humanely and efficiently tackle the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.
NICOLA Sturgeon has said Nato would be "vital" for the security of an independent Scotland.
NICOLA Sturgeon has met with a top US government official to discuss independence and the “constitutional future” of the UK during her visit to Washington DC.
NICOLA Sturgeon has used her speech in the US to condemn the "horrific" shootings across the country at the weekend.
COUNTRIES without nuclear weapons are being considered for fast-tracked Nato membership in an encouraging move for Yessers who back Scotland joining the alliance post-independence.
THE former CEO of Sainsbury’s has been clear about what initially caused the cost of living crisis – telling Sky News that Brexit is to blame.
The Prime Minister has been accused of prioritising "placating the DUP" over getting the Stormont executive up and running again
ON Sunday Night, ITV devoted two hours of prime time to what it called The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration, a sycophantic grovelathon which mostly consisted of horses parading about pointlessly and crapping in public while some lackeys cleaned up their mess for them, which may have been a metaphor for the royal family.
ONE plus one equals two. One times two is two. 11 times 12 is 132. 21 divided by four is 5.25 (actually it was five-and-a-quarter in my day). This was stuffed into my head in school. Numbers and letters, printed large and hung on the walls. We were such sweet wee weans.
THE leader of the Labour group in Scotland’s biggest city has been ousted, according to reports.
ON Monday, Home Office minister Rachel Maclean advised the British public to work longer hours and get higher paid jobs to manage the cost-of-living crisis, adding to the rich tapestry of out-of-touch Conservative advice on budgeting.
GLASGOW Labour will vote in a leadership ballot today to elect the head of the council group in the city.
SWEDEN is applying for Nato membership, ending more than 200 years of military non-alignment.
PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has been booed and jeered by around 200 people on his visit to Northern Ireland.
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