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IT would appear that the
THE First Minister has paid tribute to Rangers legend Walter Smith after he died at the age of 73.
ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners are “disappointed” that MPs failed to back a campaign to put a legal duty on water companies to stop raw sewage from being poured into waterways in England.
THE mascot for Glasgow’s upcoming UN climate summit has been unveiled by the city’s council – prompting criticism from UK Government officials.
A CONSERVATIVE councillor who sits on North Ayrshire Council has received more than £86,000 of public money to send just one email a week over the last four and a half years.
THE Parliamentary Committee on Standards has recommended Conservative MP Owen Paterson be suspended for 30 days over an “egregious case of paid advocacy” after investigating his lobbying for two companies he was a consultant for.
SCOTTISH Labour have been told to back a second independence referendum by former union boss Len McCluskey.
THE Scottish Government is “not optimistic” about preventing rail strikes during COP26.
COUNCIL workers across Scotland are preparing to strike over a dispute with the Government about pay increases.
KEIR Starmer has been warned his party is “doomed to irrelevance” if they continue to “deny democracy in Scotland”.
Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has confirmed that she will be in Glasgow during the COP26 climate summit and has invited Glasgow workers who plan on striking to join her in a protest march through the city.
IN this column it is often useful for me to recall my days as a member of the Scottish Conservative​ Party. During this prior political career, such as it was, I enjoyed the plots to destroy leading figures on our own side when our particular faction disapproved of them.
A BILL is to be put forward in the House of Commons today to “completely overhaul” the “mismanagement” of energy grid charges in Scotland.
THE spectre of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and New Labour may seem to have faded given the mess the UK is currently in but their period of dominance still casts a long shadow over British politics and offers lessons and warnings for the present.
COP26 is around the corner and Frankie Boyle has joined other Glaswegians in reacting to the latest restrictions announced.
THIS coming weekend, the crucial COP26 climate change conference gets under way in Glasgow. World leaders and delegates and activists from around the globe will gather in Scotland’s largest city for a summit which makes Glasgow synonymous with efforts to save
DEAR Citizens of Scotland, On democracy: a sound​ economy and an egalitarian society are predicated on the foundation stones of democracy. Thus, it is our civic duty to bring Scotland out of the political shadowlands and into the clear light of day.
THE SNP's conference is to take place online once more when the party gathers next month.
DELEGATES to the SNP's conference next month are to demand "seamless trade" between the UK and an independent Scotland but no update on the timing of indyref2 is to be debated at the event.
THE reality has now dawned
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