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A HUGE boost in oil and gas revenue could accelerate Scotland’s green revolution, an economist has said.
IN listening to people active within the SNP, Alba, Yes movement and public in general, it’s clear that a body of opinion is beginning to crystalise which eschews any notion of a plebiscite UK election up to two years away, conducted using the UK electoral franchise and in the glare of a hostile UK media. Even if such a vote could be won, what happens when the people say Yes and the British...
FORMER health secretary Sajid Javid has announced he will not stand again as an MP at the next general election but pledged to continue to support the Prime Minister “in any way I can”.
The Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh ballot was called after the incumbent Labour councillor sadly passed away following a short illness
LABOUR has hailed its victory in the Chester by-election as a “clear message” to Rishi Sunak and his government.
A SENIOR Tory MP has been reported to the police over allegations of rape and sexual assault.
A RECENT University of Strathclyde report highlighted that 45% of Scotland’s wealth is owned by just 10% of households. This must be one of the strongest arguments for independence – but only for a radical form of independence where there a significant redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor will
THE Covid pandemic turned our lives upside down. Many workers were furloughed. Many made the shift to working from home. Others lost their jobs completely. But many also kept our vital services going, day in, day out, often at personal risk and family burden.
IN the midst of another busy week at Westminster, I found time to listen to best-selling Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Reith Lecture on freedom of speech. The lecture series is inspired by US president Franklin D Roosevelt’s 1941 speech in which he extolled the Four Freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from fear and freedom from want. The last of the four...
A FEW years ago, I hired a new economics researcher and set him to work investigating trade statistics. After a few days, he asked for a meeting and told me something I will always remember.
QUEBECOIS politicians were denied entry to their parliament after refusing to swear fealty to King Charles.
WEDNESDAY’S front page proclaimed the 52% pro-independence result from a recent poll of 1000 voters. While this may be seen as a good place to restart an independence campaign, the devil is in the detail.
ON St Andrew’s Day we heard Ian Blackford MP challenge the Prime Minister on the economic impact Brexit is having on the country. This challenge heard the PM emphasise his opposition to free movement, something that is having a catastrophic and ruinous impact on our NHS, care sector and many other sectors here in Scotland.
AN activist group have launched a virtual advent calendar to highlight the movements reaction to the Supreme Court verdict.
The National understands that Stephen Flynn is the front runner to take over the top SNP Westminster job from Blackford
Annual accounts show an underspend of £2bn - but does not represent a loss as some is carried forward through the Scotland Reserve
COUNCILLORS have agreed to help out Ayr’s Gaiety Theatre by giving them £150,000 this year – but have said that the council cannot continue to hand over money to keep it afloat.
The First Minister will co-chair the panel of investors and asset managers
STEPHEN Flynn is widely tipped to be Ian Blackford’s replacement as the SNP’s Westminster leader following the Skye MP’s announcement he will stand down.
THE world’s first online HIV prevention service is set to be launched by the Scottish Government.
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