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WIDESPREAD public apathy greeted Iran’s presidential election yesterday as a hard-line protégé of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was being tipped to win the vote.
A SCOTTISH Government bill which will extend some coronavirus measures for at least six months and end others has been introduced to Holyrood.
SCOTLAND fans who have travelled to London to cheer on their team aginst England have been urged to take care – with the First Minister warning Covid will not give them a “free pass”.
A BUSINESSMAN who bombarded MPs including Ian Blackford and Jo Swinson with a string of “vile” emails including death threats has been jailed for a year.
ALEX Salmond has said the independence battle must not be allowed to "go cold" as he delivered a message to Scots outside Wembley Stadium.
This week on State of the Union, Stephen Paton (@stephenpaton134) talks about the secret polling data we can expect from Westminster, the Australian trade deal and more! New episodes every Friday. See for privacy and opt-out information.
TRIBUTES have been paid to Andrew Welsh, the former SNP MP and MSP for Angus, who has died aged 77.
RECENTLY I have been reading in the letters pages a variety of criticisms. This always arises of course, in all movements that are in a volatile ascendency and fluid state. I list some below:
DOMINIC Cummings has revealed why Boris Johnson refused to be interviewed by Andrew Neil ahead of the 2019 General Election.
"WHEN is Scotland vs England, again?" has been a refrain heard plenty* in the lead-up to this Euro 2020 ... and the day is finally here.
THE SNP leadership are facing a rebellion over a planned deal to bring the Scottish Greens into government amid fears it could hamper the party's aim to improve its standing in the north east.
THE SNP’s Westminster leader was told Question Time is not the “Ian Blackford Show” after speaking for little over two minutes – despite the Tory MP on the panel getting to contribute for nearly three minutes just seconds before.
UK GOVERNMENT Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has acknowledged Government cuts to the legal system were a factor in plunging conviction rates for rape cases.
MY Scottish friends remind me time and again that compared to those resident in England, at least they can live in eventual hope of something better than a government in which the Prime Minister can describe one of his own senior ministers as "totally f****** hopeless", and yet leave him in post for more than another year (and we’re still counting). I agree: That is Scotland’s hope.
EDWIN Poots is facing political oblivion only a month after achieving his career ambition – to lead the party his late father Charlie helped found.
BORIS Johnson’s Tories suffered a humiliating Westminster by-election defeat as the Liberal Democrats scored a historic win.
AN SNP group is running a webinar to help the thousands of European citizens in Scotland apply for post-Brexit settled status before the deadline at the end of the month.
EDWIN Poots has resigned as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party.
DAVID Pratt sums up exactly what many independence supporters feel about SNP inaction in pursuing independence (Silence on indy from Scottish Government is deafening, June 17).
I AM surprised that the EU is still tolerating talks with the UK over Northern Ireland (UK negotiator warned over slow progress on Brexit talks, June 17). Quite frankly, there’s nothing to talk about.
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