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Wallace Branch of The Scottish National Party covers a wide area within Clydesdale, including Lanark, Forth, Kirkfieldbank & surrounding villages.
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Carluke SNP is delighted to invite you to a Quiz Night hosted by the branch on 18th March.

The quiz will have a Scottish theme, and is a chance for all supporters and friends to socialise and have some fun.

Tickets: £5 p/h or £20 for a team of four

Start time: 7:30pm, doors open 6:30pm

Location: Carluke Golf Club

Food will be provided, including pie & beans, and drinks available from the...
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Campaign Day - Saturday 29th October

We want your help to take our message that Westminster isn't working for Scotland to the people of Lanark.

We'll be delivering leaflets across the town this Saturday

Meet at Kildare Road car park (ML11 7AE)
Saturday 29th October at 10.30

Come along and help us make sure that Clydesdale and Scotland votes YES
On the 23rd August 1305, William Wallace, who lived in Lanark and was Guardian of Scotland, was captured, taken to London and hung, drawn and quartered, found guilty of treason. Every year, we remember Wallace and lay flowers at the site of the house of his wife, Marion Bruidfute. Today Cllrs David Shearer and Julia Marrs, with support and voice of Bill Beattie paid our respects.
We will remember...
Labour have today worked with the Tories, Lib Dems and an independent to deny the people of South Lanarkshire the SNP administration they voted for.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🗳 Vote SNP TODAY 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🗳

⏰ Polls are OPEN until 10pm. Let’s elect the strongest representatives for Clydesdale on South Lanarkshire Council!

If you don’t know your polling station, you can search with your postcode here:

Best of luck to all SNP candidates today! 💛
Election May 5th 2022
left to right: John McLatchie, Clydesdale East; Andrew Wilson, Clydesdale West; Cllr. Julia Marrs, Clydesdale North; Cllr. Ian McAllan, Clydesdale East; Cllr. David Shearer, Clydesdale West; Cllr. Mark Horsham, Clydesdale South.
I’m delighted to announce that I am seeking re-election to Ward 2, Clydesdale North, in the local Council elections
It has been the privilege of my life to be your Councillor and I’ve worked hard to ensure our area is best it can be with improvements including traffic lights at Steels Cross, road safety improvements in Forth and Braehead, a Bikebank loan scheme ensuring all children can...
Next Tuesday, December 7th, 7pm on Zoom - we will be joined by Lesley Riddoch for a special meeting to hear her insights from the Nordic countries to suggest ways forward for Scotland. It should be a very interesting meeting. All welcome and encouraged to join - this is a Yes Clydesdale hosted meeting. Message me for joining details.

In the meantime, Lesley has suggested watching her ‘Nation’...
A million papers, and Kirkfieldbank getting their today.
Independence is a normal state for a Country, read all about it!
If you would like to help, pm the page
All members and their guests welcome.
As COVID restrictions for events have only just been lifted, the passing of William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, passing on the 24th August 1305, was marked in Lanark 2021 today in much the same way as 2020.
SNP Councillor Shearer and myself, Julia Marrs with the welcome support of Bill Beattie and his Wallace Sword, paid our respects laying two wreaths at the site of Wallace's wife, Marion...
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