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For all SNP members, supporters, voters and friends within Portobello and Craigmillar.
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My joint letter with the Edinburgh Green Party's susan4leithwalk to the Labour Housing Convener, pleading that she work with us to save council housing in Edinburgh ahead of the budget tomorrrow.
250,000 Baby Boxes have been delivered to expectant parents!

The Baby Box helps to ensure every child has the best start in life.

It provides more than £400 worth of essential items for newborns.

To find out more about Scotland’s Baby Box, visit
This article was highly recommended by one of our members at tonight's branch meeting. Share your thoughts in the comments.
The late, great Vivienne Westwood on Scottish Independence ahead of the 2014 Referendum.

“Wise words from the iconic & revolutionary figure Vivienne Westwood pre Scottish Independence Referendum 2014. She had a crystal ball didn’t she. Uncanny. Rip lass #VivienneWestwood
Happy St Andrews Day!
Very much looking forward to switching on Craigmillar Christmas lights this Thursday. Hope to see you there!🎄
✊ BREAKING: Nicola Sturgeon has announced the SNP are launching a major campaign to defend Scottish democracy.

🗳 The people of Scotland must have a choice on our future.
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