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Page for the Peterhead Branch of the Scottish National Party. You don't have to be a branch or even a party member to follow us.
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Don't just take our word for it that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng are gambling with our futures...

The Economist aren't optimistic either, that's quite a cover image too...

What was it Private Frazer used to say in Dad's Army?

How not to run a country
❌ The UK Government have abandoned the North East of Scotland, meanwhile, the Scottish Government have committed £500m for regeneration and a Just Transition fund. It’s a tale of two governments.

👇🏼 You can read my full piece in Aberdeen Independence Movement’s & The National’s 100,000 newspapers campaign below.
🛤 Bringing rail back to Peterhead & Fraserburgh will unlock the North East's economic potential and benefit all of Scotland.

👇 You can read the full column here.
📰 The first article from our Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire focused paper as part of the 100,000 papers campaign.

⚡️Energy expert Dick Winchester explains how Scotland as an energy rich nation could tackle the current crisis if Scotland had powers to do so.

HAVING full control over Scotland’s energy resources will be one of the most important benefits of independence.
Karen Adam MSP's father would be physically punished at school when he used sign language. That's part of the reason why on this International Day of Sign Languages, Karen is doing everything she can to make the world a better place for the Deaf and signing communities.

👐🏼 It was all too common for Deaf children, like my dad, to be physically punished at school when they attempted to sign....
"We needed an emergency budget due to the everyday person facing the starkest of winters.

We got an emergency budget that fed the UK government's cronies, the super-wealthy and big corporations while hiking inflationary pressure that the poor will pay for with destitution." Alan Petrie, SNP Peterhead, Organiser
Earlier this evening we were out with a few of our team delivering cost-of-living Here to Help leaflets for Karen Adam MSP along with the Aberdeen Independence Movement 100,000 papers campaign! 🙌🏼

We were delighted to welcome a new activist along.

We’d be even more delighted to welcome you along too.

Get in touch if you want to join us next time!
Gotta say it's nice to finally hear some sense from Richard Leonard MSP...

Of course what he fails to tell everyone is that this is allowed to happen because Scotland's economy is ultimately controlled by Governments in far-away Cities..

He should also know that "Mobile, Extractive Capital" as he puts it is a symptom of decades of neoliberalism (or Thatcherism if you prefer)...

The very...
Karen Adam made history as the first MSP to swear into parliament using British Sign Language - but what’s her journey and reason for doing so?

A lifetime of lived experience as a BSL user to communicate with her deaf father has spurred Karen on to use her platform to promote the language, and highlight the barriers that deaf people and BSL users face.

We highly recommend you read Karen’s...
Fit like folks? Debate Night is coming to Aberdeen on the 2nd of November...

Be a shame if none us us were on it...

Apply at the link below.

The studio audience and questions for Debate Night come from a particular area of Scotland each week, and we ask everyone who applies to complete...
👋🏼 I’m on hand to help! Although we’re in a period of national mourning, my work on supporting the people I represent is ongoing behind the scenes.

📈 The cost of living crisis continues to have profound impact on the day to day lives so reach out. I’m here.

📧 [email protected]
🙌🏼 Karen Adam MSP has a new weekly column in The National Newspaper!

🗞 I’m pleased to announce my new weekly column for The National.
Please find my first piece here 👇🏻
Condolences to Karen Adam MSP on the loss of a family member. Still working and representing her constituents through it all. Karen is someone who takes the role and responsibility of duty very seriously.

Thank you, Karen.

I set off early this morning to Edinburgh for my usual three hour commute, but this time I was dressed in funeral attire. I was on my way to pay my respects on behalf of my...
I just heard the news on the radio as I was heading out of Edinburgh. I drove past the palace and the vans with satellites had already started to pile up. Loads of tourists crowding round the palace already. A strange atmosphere.

I cried when I heard the official news. I felt a wave of grief. She’s always been here, a constant. I’ve seen her face around me all my years as I’ve grown....
With the support and hard work of Karen Adam MSP and team. Absolutely amazing news for Peterhead and Fraserburgh!


This summer, we applied for £80-£250k to fully fund a new feasibility study examining our proposals. We have now been informed that this application was successful and funding will be granted.

We await the details of the award from the Just Transition...
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