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From food shortages, to rising energy prices and crumbling exports, Scotland is paying a heavy price of a Tory Brexit imposed against our will.
This consultation sets out our proposals to improve the way we deliver social care in Scotland, following the recommendations of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.
The Scottish Parliament has just overwhelmingly voted to reject the UK government's cruel Universal Credit cut.

Everyone, apart from the Scottish Tories, who voted to:

✂️ Push 60,000 Scottish families into poverty
✂️ Force more people into food banks
✂️ Take money out of pockets of the most vulnerable
In Scotland, we’ve built a fairer social security system that puts people first, in stark contrast to continuing Tory austerity.
Due to unforeseen circumstances our Annual General Meeting scheduled for tomorrow night, Friday 24 September 2021 by Zoom, has been cancelled.

Further details will be circulated in due course.
📣 In 2016, Boris Johnson said Brexit means we can easily trade with the US.

🤷🏼‍♂️ Michael Gove said "the day we vote to leave, we hold all the cards".

🃏 Now, the UK economy is a house of cards - as exports crumble and the UK is at the back of the trade deal queue.
🚨 BREAKING: Scottish National Party Conference has voted overwhelmingly to remove Trident within three years of Scottish Independence.

🌎 We'll play our part in building a world free of weapons of mass destruction. #SNP21
🚨 Thirty years ago, Westminster abandoned workers and and communities.

🤝 We will not allow history to repeat itself.

📢 The UK Government must now match our £500 million Just Transition fund in Moray and the North East over the next 10 years. #SNP21
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