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This is the SNP Nairnshire group page. For a fairer, more socially just Scotland
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Scotland has the lowest crime rate in the UK and it's not gone up while it has in England and Wales ...
Nairnshire branch is delighted to be supporting Kate MacLean as our candidate for the Inverness West by-election.

Kate MacLean is the SNP candidate standing for the Inverness West By-Election.

On Thursday August 12th #VoteMacLean1

Promoted by Janet Spence on behalf of Kate MacLean
both c/o SNP, 30 Braeside Park, Balloch,
Our list MSP Emma Roddick made her excellent maiden speech at Holyrood today. 👏👏👏

Watch all meetings at the Scottish Parliament live or in our archive. You can also choose to share, clip and embed videos.
Here is our constituency MSP Fergus Ewing taking his oath to sit in Holyrood.
Here is our list MSP for the Highlands and Islands, Emma Roddick, making her affirmation under protest, in order to sit in Holyrood, where her allegiance will be with the people.
And you did! Congratulations to Fergus and a big thank you to everyone in Nairnshire that voted for him!
Our tannoy car is out around Nairn calling for people to vote #BothVoteSNP.
In 2011, Highlands and Islands had 3 SNP list MSPs. In 2016, it went down to 1. Here’s why the SNP list vote is essential in Highlands and Islands and beyond.
We were out for some last minute leafleting this morning with Emma Roddick and delivering our #BothVotesSNP message to Cranloch.
The #BothVoteSNP bus was in cold but sunny Nairn today with Emma Roddick and Fergus Ewing campaigning for the SNP.
This wee video from Emma Roddick SNP is packed with information about why #BothVotesSNP is so important in the Highlands and Islands region.

Please give it a watch, and remember that our best chance for independence and a representative parliament comes with #BothVotesSNP ❤️
As Scotland gets ready to vote on 6th May, only the SNP can offer the experienced leadership and vision the country needs.

Our key pledges include:

• An additional £2.5 billion for frontline NHS services
• Doubling the Scottish Child Payment to tackle child poverty
• A greener, publicly owned railway
• Scrapping NHS dental charges
• A National Care Service, with a National Wage...
Jaw-dropping. The UK Tory government is going to Court to challenge a law passed by The Scottish Parliament unanimously.

And for what? To protect their ability to legislate/act in ways that breach children’s rights in Scotland. Politically catastrophic, but also morally repugnant.
A reminder of why May's election needs to be #BothVotesSNP
But what did the SNP ever do for Scotland?

Baby Box – Giving every baby born in Scotland the best start in life by providing families with a Baby Box, filled with essential items needed in the first six months of a child’s life.

Childcare – 600 hours of early learning and childcare, saving families up to £2,500 per child per year. In August 2020, over 60% of funded children were accessing...
Since the start of March our branch membership has gone up by almost 20% and we continue to get new members sign up most days. If you want to join us in the most progressive party in Scotland and help the fight for independence then you'll be most welcome.

Scotland can be a stronger, fairer and more prosperous place. As a nation, we have so much potential. The SNP is determined to make Scotland...
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