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SNP Largs +SNPLargs
SNP branch covering Largs, Skelmorlie and Fairlie in North Ayrshire
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Huge congratulations to SNP Councillors who are once again back in Administration in North Ayrshire.
Well done to our returning SNP Councillor Alan Hill and new local SNP Councillor Eleanor Collier! Sure, we're all looking forward to seeing how you can both help transform our community for the better. Link too full North Ayrshire Results in the comments.
Some thoughts on future economic development plans for Cumbrae. #Millport #Cumbrae #LocalEconomy #BusinessOpportunities #LocalElections #LE22 #SNP
This Thursday vote SNP - Alan Hill and Eleanor Collier.
#LocalElections #SNP #AlanHill #EleanorCollier
We're building more homes for families, those with special needs and older people's housing. None of this would be possible if the new Largs Campus hadn't been built. Vote Alan Hill and Eleanor Collier this Thursday.

#LocalElections #snp1+2 #AlanHill #EleanorCollier #Homes
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No functioning country – on a basic moral, political or constitutional level – could allow Johnson to stay in office
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