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Group account for the Kinross-shire branch of the SNP. Keeping you up to date on Scottish Politics and the Ochil & Perthshire South constituency.
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Follow the link and keep scrolling. It really is incredible.

How much have Truss and Kwarteng cost the country so far?

LIZ Truss has urged the Scottish Government to replicate her government's tax-slashing budget - saying it could help "turbocharge" the…
Isn’t it time to get out?

A TOP expert on devolution has issued a grave warning that the Tory government’s damaging tax cuts threaten the future of devolution and…
And here is a bit more. Douglas Ross’ moral outrage is point scoring. But he obviously missed…

Yesterday, Douglas Ross confronted the FM with his story of a patient waiting more than 80 hours in an Ayrshire A&E. The FM agreed to investigate but today, before she needed to do so, someone …
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Maybe donate a little? Or copy the idea? Still think ‘yes’ dog coats would be lovely.

A CAMPAIGN trailer owned by an independence activist has been burned down outside his home.
Nicked from a Tim Vine page
- Martin
Don't let the door hit you on the way out...
🥀 Keir Starmer backs Brexit and denies an independence referendum.

📉 Brexit has pushed up prices, imposed barriers on businesses and worsened the cost-of-living crisis.

👎 Tories or Labour, we're all paying the price for Westminster control.
📣 Keir Starmer said Labour "can't work, won't work" with the SNP.

🔎 Yet he's happy for Labour to work with the Tories across Scotland's councils - denying an independence referendum and backing Brexit.

🥀 Vote Labour, get Tory.
Live scenes from the UK's monetary reserves:
📉 The pound has fallen to its lowest ever level against the dollar, this will likely lead to a higher cost of imports and make the cost-of-living crisis worse.

📢 Scotland is paying the price for Westminster control, but it doesn’t have to be this way.
Some harrowing statistics from One Parent Families Scotland. Almost all (97.9%) of single parents questioned said they felt the impact of rising costs. Rather than give tax breaks to the richest in society, the UK Government should introduce progressive tax measures to reduce inequality.
It’s hard to overstate the scale of the economic crisis caused by Friday’s UK budget. While the very richest get tax cuts, ordinary people - already hit by soaring inflation - are about to be hit by rising interest rates. The House of Commons should be in emergency session now.
The UK Government has left behind rural homes across Stirling, say local SNP politicians
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