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SNP Grantown +SNPGrantown
Scottish National Party branch for Grantown, Boat of Garten, Nethy Bridge & Carrbridge.
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This One Banner Mega March 2nd. Oct
might interest a good few supporters if this size of assembly is reasonable come October😃
Wonder if we will soon see more like this van in Angus?
The ballot boxes just shouted as one, "It's Scotland's Choice"

“@JamesKelly Here he is”
In Westminster first past the post is everything so Yes Scotland clearly votes for a referendum on those terms but we are returning a clear pro indy majority on the AMS terms too
Well done everyone in teamSNP. 😃
Firm hold here and lots to build on👍
I can't resist sharing this (with sincere condolences to anyone who has been bereaved or affected by covid)
Tried to post this earlier but out of signal -
Governing your own country and caring about your people is so natural and do different from breaking something ...apart from may e as bad habit,😃 so don't be put off by the Breaking Up Britain headline here....

Westminster’s self-serving rule is bolstering the cause of independence....
Thi k how the flowers feel..and they are out. Go and vote. It's only weather,😂😂
White Christmas or White May election? What's more likely. Make it a win. Please post share. Joke, cajoul and nag nicely. Get all you friends and relations to vote today😂. It's only snow.
Getting that vote out Grantown high visual style
SNP to gain seats in an another indy majority parliament? #BothVotesSNP
Only the ballot box has the last say on Thursday but until that polls like to guess....

Details of the BMG poll have now been released, and they pretty much tick every box. The SNP are above their 2016 level of support in the c...
Thank you to the Grantown District team of activists. What an amazing weekend before Poll. You all rock as they say (somewhere?)
Every leafleter is trained to keep everyone safe
Last Saturday and every last vote counts. SNP activists are out with careful covid measures across the constituency today and there is an online rally too...

Join our online Get Out The Vote rally, packed with music, politics and fun, on Sunday 2 May at 7pm.
Highland Council are planning to show the election results live on Youtube and are asking people to subscribe to their channel as they need at least 1000 people to be able to do this.

Want to watch...
Send your vote on or vote on Thu 6 May. Two weeks today votes are being counted and posters packed away. Your vote changes lives. Use it Please...It is worth it #BothVotesSNP

By Kathleen Nutt @kacnutt
A TOP European Union official has signalled that Brussels would look favourably on an independent Scotland joining the bloc.

Michael Mann, the EU’s envoy to the Arctic, also said that the new...

Two new polls predict pro-independence majority at Holyrood election
By Emer O'Toole

A Savanta ComRes survey for The Scotsman predicts that the SNP will return 63 MSPs in total – two short of a majority – the same number as in 2016.

However there would still be a pro-independence majority at...

Watch our film explaining why #BothVotesSNP is so important on Thursday 6 May.
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