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Omg 😲 Mhairi Black is on 🔥
Fantastic speech
📺 I'll be in Perth tonight to take part in BBC Debate Night. Tune in at 10.30pm on the BBC Scotland channel #bbcdn
The UK government is prepared to unilaterally rip up the post-Brexit trade agreement.
And we slip seamlessly into the next Tory scandal.
Seems to be something new every day, and the Prime Minister had the cheek to say today that they are the law and Order party.

Oh Pur-lease
British liberals love to pretend that they like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, because she takes progressive positions.

But if she was one of the few remaining socialists in the Parliamentary Labour Party and she said something like this, Keir Starmer would humiliate her by forcing her to apologise for hurting capitalists' feelings, and try to drive her out of the Labour Party...
The self satisfied entitled right wing #BBCQT regular shows her class. 🤨
Another tory who thinks Fairbanks are a good photo op

Dom loves taking selfies.
However inside a Foodbank just isn't a good look.
Finance guru Martin Lewis has apologised for “losing his rag” and accusing Ofgem of “selling customers down the river” with changes to the energy price cap.
Good letter in the Times at the weekend.
“They are working every hour that God sends them,” Kay Burley hit back.
It appears so…
The Prime Minister has revealed the first 50 migrants will be sent to Rwanda within a fortnight, under new controversial government plans.
NICOLA Sturgeon is set to talk all things menopause at a festival next month as she continues to try and get women talking more openly about the…
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