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The SNP is Scotland's largest political party, and campaigns for Independence
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Labour’s continued difficulties saw gains for both the SNP and Conservatives, but a much narrower contest in first preferences disguised little change from 2017 after transfers, with the SNP …
Congratulations Councillor Russell. A fantastic effort to make the gain from Labour and stop the Tories from winning. Well done the SNP team!

The SNP are celebrating after winning the Falkirk Council by-election.
Fantastic win for a fantastic candidate. Congratulations Emma!

I'm delighted to have been elected as the new Councillor for Falkirk South!

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote in the Falkirk South by election. Democracy works best when everyone participates and has their say.

The people of Falkirk South were clear in their votes today - they want to see their town centre regenerated....
Today is polling day! Polls are now open in the Falkirk South by-election.

🕙 Polls are open until 10pm tonight.
✉️ You do not need your poll card to vote.
📬 Postal ballots can still be handed in at any polling station.

Elect a councillor who will stand up for our communities and make our voice heard. Vote Emma Russell #1 today!


I've been delighted to get out in our communities with Michael Matheson MSP recently, and I really appreciate his endorsement.

Michael has worked hard for our communities. It is my intention to work just as hard for you, and our communities, if elected as your councillor.

Tomorrow is polling day and it is really...
I know how hard Councillor Gary Bouse works for his constituents in Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst ward, and I've been grateful for his support through my campaign.

The people of Falkirk South deserve a councillor who will listen to them, act on their behalf and be their voice on Falkirk Council. I can be that voice because I am part of Falkirk South and already know the issues we face in our...
Vote #EmmaRussell1
A win for the SNP this week would make a huge difference to the town centre and the district.
If you live in Falkirk South ward please remember to vote on Thursday.
👇👇 Council Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn SNP provides more information on Labour and the Tories decision not to approve investment in Falkirk Town Centre.

Labour and the Tories decision to reject the vision of a new Town Hall and Council HQ in Falkirk High Street is hugely disappointing. Businesses and traders in the Town Centre will be most impacted, but this decision has massive implications...
Labour shamefully claim to have "saved the day" by starving our town centre of the investment it deserves.

When they look voters in the eye next year who have lost they jobs due to their decision, will they still be proud to have "saved the day?"

If the SNP want to borrow this kind of money why don't we spend it on the voters' priorities instead of theirs and their supporters'?
Get the basic...
Councillor Paul Garner explains what happened at the full council meeting yesterday re the impact on net zero targets as well as the impact on the town centre. All in all a very poor decision by Labour and Tories.

Climate Emergency

For anyone out there who believes that Climate Change is one of thee biggest emergencies we face let me bring a couple of things to your attention.

We, the SNP...
Labour and the Tories have, once again, rekindled their previous coalition and voted to kick ambition into touch while slapping town centre businesses in the face.

It is worth remembering that the same inaction from the same coalition has led us to the position we are in now.
Our Falkirk South by-election candidate Emma Russell SNP giving her support to the SNP's vision for Falkirk town centre.

Full council meets today to make this vitally important decision.

Today Falkirk Council meets to make one of the most important decisions of recent times.

The placement of any new council HQ and Arts Centre has the potential to be the epicentre of wider regeneration and...
Vote for Emma Russell SNP

Falkirk South by-election to be held Thursday 14 October 2021
🚨 Thirty years ago, Westminster abandoned workers and and communities.

🤝 We will not allow history to repeat itself.

📢 The UK Government must now match our £500 million Just Transition fund in Moray and the North East over the next 10 years. #SNP21
Emma Russell, SNP candidate for Falkirk South in the High street now. Come along and have a chat!
Great to see our candidate out and about on the campaign trail in Falkirk South.

Give her page a like - Emma Russell SNP

Great evening out delivering our message to the voters of Falkirk South.
This is Emma Russell SNP - our SNP candidate for the Falkirk South by election on 14 October.

Head on over to her page, give her a like and a share and remember to tell everyone you know that there's a by election happening. Let's get an additional SNP councillor elected to serve the people of Falkirk South, and the district, well.

Welcome and thank you for clicking onto my campaign page.
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