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Welcome to Bo'ness SNP's group. The SNP is Scotland's largest political party, and campaigns for Independence.
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📣 Succession star and Golden Globe winner Brian Cox, on why Scotland needs independence:

"We’ve been sidelined for so long, and treated really not very well, not taken very seriously. We need to take care of our own destiny."

🗳 Pledge your support at
Labour and the Tories decision to reject the vision of a new Town Hall and Council HQ in Falkirk High Street is hugely disappointing. Businesses and traders in the Town Centre will be most impacted, but this decision has massive implications for the wider district.

A huge amount of work has been carried out on this project since 2018. These proposals fit into the budget cap imposed by both...
💡 - This letter in this weeks Falkirk Herald draws a useful comparison to what we have seen in the past with Scotland's oil and what we are seeing today with Scotland's green energy.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 - You can read more about what the SNP is doing to support Scotland's renewables here:
🏥 We've has just announced the biggest NHS winter boost in the history of devolution.

🧑🏼‍⚕️ 1,000 additional health and care support staff
🏠 Maximising capacity of care at home services
💷 Pay rise for social care staff
🩺 £28 million extra funding for primary care
The attitude of the Scottish Tories towards people in our communities facing a cut of up to £1,000 per year is scandalous.

The Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to support cancelling the cut of £20 per week which will impact over 12,200 households across Falkirk district.

And it isn't just the Scottish Parliament calling for this. Hundreds of anti-poverty campaigners and human...
Good local news!

Today is the official opening of the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament. It is a privilege to be able to attend as the MSP for Falkirk East, representing a constituency that is fascinating, diverse and full of potential.

Within our communities, however, there are people who stand out as Local Heroes. I was delighted to receive nominations from across the constituency and...
✂️ The Tories' Universal Credit cut will plunge 800,000 people across Scotland and the UK into poverty.

📈 All while Brexit pushes up living costs.

🛑 The most vulnerable must not pay the price for Tory political choices - it's time to stop the cut and #KeepTheLifeline.
🤝 - Bo’ness SNP has recently donated £250 to the new Bo'ness Car 4U charity set up to support those undergoing cancer treatment with free transport to hospital.

📖 - Read more by clicking the link below:

This month, the Bo’ness branch of the SNP has donated £250 to a new local...
The chemicals giant wants to reduce emissions by powering the plant with hydrogen tied to carbon capture and storage.
And another one…
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A new poll shows a majority of people in Scotland support independence.

Yes: 51%
No: 49%

🗳 Scotland must have a choice on its future. Pledge your support:
So there we have it, Tories are increasing taxes to pay for a crisis of their own making over the past decade, breaking their own manifesto pledge from 2019.

Balancing the books on the back of the poorest in society rather than fix the problems in our tax system - meaning companies can make billions in profits and not pay a single penny in tax.

Cuts to Universal Credit coupled with tax...
🔍 Boris Johnson ran for Prime Minister on a guarantee not to raise National Insurance.

↪️ Boris Johnson is now set to raise National Insurance.

🚨 This disproportionately impacts younger people and those on lower incomes - and breaks his guarantee.

🤔 There's a word for that.
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