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The EU’s proposals on the Northern Ireland protocol offered what business leaders wanted, but the prime minister prefers failure and grievance
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The wave of gender self-assignation continues unabated, that is, continues in countries that aren't, at this moment, fighting back. And what are they fighting
NICOLA Sturgeon has led the condemnation of a Tory police commissioner who "openly blamed" Sarah Everard for her own murder.
Visit the post for more.
WASPI West Lothian (Women against State Pension Injustice) hosted an event at Howden Park centre today. West Lothian SNP councillors; Janet Campbell, Diane Calder, Moira Shemilt, Maria MacAulay and Tom Ullathorne along with MP Hannah Bardell and Labour councillors Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Kirsteen Sullivan to show cross party support for WASPI women as they shared their heartfelt accounts.

Important New Survey on safety for Women and Girls
The Bathing Waters Season ends today 15.09.21!
Forth Rivers Trust & West Lothian Council have applied to SEPA for designated Bathing Waters Status for a stretch of the River Almond in West Lothian as it passes through Almondell and Calderwood Country Park.
You can support the application by filling in this quick form:
Striving for a cleaner, healthier and truly...

The Scottish Currency Group, of which I am a member and which is run by Dr Tim Rideout, has issued a new publication entitled 'How do we get the Scottish Pound': The dates are, of course, indicative. The plausibility is not.
3️⃣ ways we can tackle climate change seriously

🏦 Use the Scottish National Investment Bank to promote the public good
🏗 Replace the Scottish Futures Trust with a National Infrastructure Company
🔌 Maintain a publicly-owned electric vehicle charging network

We must put #AllofUsFirst and guarantee a socially just transition at the heart of a #GreenNewDeal.

More here:...
I noted this in the new deal between the SNP and Greens in Scotland: I highlighted the last paragraph for a reason. Defining tax avoidance in this context is nigh on impossible. What you can do instead is define what is good practice that must be followed if tax avoidance is...
For those who want to know more about GERS....

I did an hour-long special on Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) for Scotnomics last night. This is it.
Join in if you are interested in being a Community Councillor and would like to know what it entails.
Get involved in your Community Council. Deadline for nominations 2nd Sep.
Excellent for Thomas George Ullathorne!!! 😁

The By-Election for the East Livingston and East Calder Ward of West Lothian Council takes place on Thursday 5 August.
Do you like your Caffeine Fix when you visit Almondell? It seems that the future of the coffee van in the park may be in doubt.
Park regulars have raised this petition as a way of demonstrating its popularity. Will you help by showing your support?...
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