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For immediate release

Following the local council election results, the leader of the Dumfries and Galloway Council SNP Group, Cllr Stephen Thompson, has welcomed moves to form a progressive alliance to tackle the Tory Cost-of-Living crisis.
As part of ongoing discussions, SNP councillors in Dumfries &...
Voter turnout is still really low across our region.

If you haven’t done so yet PLEASE get out and vote. Low turnout is our biggest obstacle in getting SNP representation for our wards.

Polling stations are open until 10pm!
Please all members and supporters remember to get out to vote tomorrow!

Low turnout is our biggest obstacle in local elections.

#GOTV #StrongerForScotland #SNP
Short-notice 2nd visit of the SNP campaign bus to Dumfries & Galloway, Ward 11, on its way to the Scottish Borders, this time stopping in Moffat. Thanks as ever to our friends and volunteers @theSNP - Vote Stephen Thompson #1 for Annandale North
💷 We've kept council tax the cheapest in the UK - and we'll scrap it entirely for under-22s.

🏘️ We've delivered 105,000 affordable homes - and we'll deliver 110,000 more.

⚽️ We'll improve access to sport and leisure for those on lower incomes.

🗳️ On May 5, #VoteSNP.
I’ll be out and about with our SNP candidate for Ward 10, George Jamieson tomorrow.

We’ll be on Central Avenue in Gretna from 10:30am to 12:30pm then on Annan High Street from 1pm to 3pm.

Please come and say hi if you’re around! George and I will both be brand new councillors if/hopefully when elected. We’re both really invested in finding out what YOU want from your local council....
We have now put ScotRail in public ownership, as we continue investing in greener, more efficient, better railways for Scotland.
The SNP delivered a raft of bold, progressive policies - all while majority of Scots pay less tax than elsewhere in the UK.
Scottish National Party (SNP) delivering for families and tackling child poverty.

✅ Increasing the Scottish Child Payment to £25 per week
✅ Aim of supporting up to 12,000 parents into fair and sustainable work, through investment of up to £81 million in 2022-23 to increase employment services
✅ Investment of up to £15 million in a new fund to tackle the financial barriers parents...
🔌 Scotland has over 2,100 electric vehicle charging points across the country - the biggest network in the UK, outside of London.

⚡️ And we're going even further with our £60 million fund to double the number of public charging points. #DeliveringForScotland

ScotRail will be in public hands from April 2022, as we invest in greener, more efficient, better railways for Scotland.

🚌 Yesterday, The Scottish Government published its proposed transport strategy for Scotland (STPR2).

🚛 The STPR2 makes recommendations for improvements to the A75 and A77. These include improved overtaking opportunities, widening or realigning carriageways and improving junctions.

🚊 The STPR2 also has a focus on...
🏫 Under the SNP, over 1,000 schools have been built or upgraded – providing more accessible and more inclusive environments for pupils and staff.

✅ School buildings in Scotland are in the best condition since records began. #DeliveringForScotland
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