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Scottish Independence Movement +SIMScot
A group of individuals with one goal in mind. A free and independent Scotland
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I worked in Scottish Office for decades ... and now back independence

By John Randall 6 hrs ago

The Scotland Office was the previous iteration of the Scotland Office – which has its UK HQ at Dover House

I WRITE as someone born in England over 75 years ago and who worked as an economist and senior civil servant for the UK Government’s Scottish Office in Edinburgh for some 30 years. These are...
The question isn't why should Scotland be independent, but why shouldn't it?

By Dorothy Bruce 4 hrs ago

The question isn't why should Scotland be independent, but why shouldn't it?

"It is perhaps an earnest of the quality of the man that the last words of this last column are these: ‘To induce people to think is more valuable than to convert them to your own point of view.’” – Rev AS...
Promises to make Scotland a world leader in carbon capture technology made by the UK government in its bid to woo voters in the 2014 independence referendum were yesterday revealed as a dirty trick. Westminster has now told Scotland that far from leading the world in this green initiative it will
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So the SIM page has reached over 10,000 members. I have chosen 3 winners

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OK so we made over our
10,000 members
I have chosen 3 winners
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shared and our newest top fan to receive some SIM goodies

Wendy Neill
James Joyce Reid
Jamie's Goldie

pm your details and we'll post out your wee indy bits

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Scottish Independence Movement. A group of individuals,...
Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

SNP MPs to meet to 'sharpen focus' on independence, and a 'complete betrayal' as Scotland's carbon capture bid snubbed
EVENTS🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿NEED🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿SHARES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Here's a look at tomorrow's newspaper

Probe announced into claim the BBC broke rules with Ruth Davidson interview

And read our Yessay on why we ought to back our younger generation on its vision of indy Scotland
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could well change his mind on his bid to stand against a second referendum on Scottish independence, the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said. “Boris has so far said that he is opposed to another referendum in Scotland, but he may change his mind … he chang...
Jim Osborne: Independence will let Scotland provide for the true needs of its people

By Jim Osborne 4 hrs ago
Scottish Banking and Finance Group

A Scottish currency could alleviate the need to borrow money on global money markets

THROUGHOUT our series of articles for The National we have been arguing that a written democratic constitution which enshrines fundamental rights of all...
Scots would surely make a different decision on the Union today

By Stephen Paton @stephenpaton134 4 hrs ago

Queen Anne received the Act of Union in 1707 ... but let’s imagine another reality

HOW difficult, I wonder, would it be to sell the case for the United Kingdom now in an alternate reality where Scotland never signed up for the Acts of Union in 1707?

Were an activist for the...
What skateboarding can teach us about voting for Scottish independence

By Iain Bruce 4 hrs ago

Let's think about what skateboarding represents...

ONE of the newest Olympic sports is skateboarding. Variously described as an action sport, skateboarding is also a recreational activity, some say an art form. But it’s more than that, it’s a potent symbol of youth. Stories of what our...
Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

Police could be deployed at MP surgeries after death of David Amess
We asked if the yes movement would support a St Andrews Day Independence March the majority of comments all said yes. So we have planned one. More importantly we are running a Christmas initiative. A Christmas Present Collection for the most poorest children in Scotland who will have no presents on Christmas day. We are looking for yes groups to get involved. Let's put politics aside and come...
You must vote for Scottish independence if you care about England

By Dr Julian Caldecott 11 mins ago

You must vote for Scottish independence if you care about England

INDEPENDENCE means having the freedom as a country to decide what to do, and to take responsibility for the benefits and costs of doing it.

Contemplating independence, it is natural to ask what one's country could do with its...
TikTok, young people, and lessons for the Scottish independence movement

By Laura Webster @LauraEWebsterr 6 hrs ago
Digital Audience and Content Editor

The indyref2 hashtag has 58 million views on TikTok. Meanwhile Marcus Mcluskey, also known as indymarcus, has reached nearly one million likes

WHEN The National’s digital team initially proposed launching a TikTok account for the newspaper,...
The front page of tomorrow's Sunday National 🗞️

Scottish Tories 'running a campaign of disinformation' on social media
'Indyposterboy' Colin Dunn has old Twitter account taken over by Unionist troll

By Xander Richards @xanderescribe 15th October
Multimedia Journalist

The old pro-Yes Twitter account used by Colin Dunn, and the new pro-Union account which has appeared using the same '@zarkwan' handle

THE Twitter account formerly used by a prominent Yes campaigner has been taken over by an anonymous Unionist...
Why Scotland will be the next target for Tories to ‘take back control’

By Robbie Mochrie 5 hrs ago
Senior Lecturer at Heriot-Watt University

There is something bovine about the Prime Minister ...

THERE is something bovine about the Prime Minister. Ignore the tired, stand-up shtick which he uses when in front of his own supporters. There is something slow, and stubborn, and unimaginative...
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