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Scottish Football Yes +SFFFY
Scottish Football Fans For Yes was created to bring folk together in support of Yes for Scottish Independence.
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FREEDOM..... footage from YEStival
Edinburgh COP?
Once again PM Johnson proves he's an embarrassment.
Manky Jaiket has been caught trying to spread his hatred again.

Can everyone who is going to today's COP26 march in Glasgow please keep a lookout for him and his facist pals and inform the polis.

If he tried this yesterday at a march involving thousands of school weans, no dobt he'll try something at today's even bigger march.
Fans belonging to the North Curve Celtic, Green Brigade, Bhoys, Celtic Shared and the Celtic Trust groups are planning a 30-minute silence at Saturday's Scottish Premiership game to protest at the prospect of assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins being given a senior security role at Parkhead as he played "a major part in the implementation of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and...
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