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This account is about trying to hold power to account in Scotland, help people understand what’s really going on and provide some kind of hope that it might actually change
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There is no question the cause of independence is in a mess. To get out of that mess we need to be clear about what got us here in the first place, because doing more of the same won't help.
Whatever the Supreme Court verdict, the task remains exactly the same - the independence movement needs to shift public opinion. Everything else is just noise.
The NHS is in a genuine crisis and the political right are gunning for it. We must believe it can be fixed if the NHS is to survive - and it really can be fixed...
The Scottish Government claims it can't tax wealth because of lack of powers but would consider it if it had them. Neither statement stands up to scrutiny.
The quality of products and especially the quality of customer service in the UK is dire - blame private equity
Abysmal 'Green Papers', pointless podcasts, indeterminate government policy reports - what on earth is going on with the official independence campaign?
Common Weal is about to publish a new book with a vision for an independent Scotland. This is a first teaser about what we've been trying to do.
The Care Bill currently going through Holyrood may be the worst piece of legislation in the Parliament's history. It will devastate care on a whim and there is little option but to stop it being passed
There have been uncharacteristic outbursts of dissent from the SNP's Holyrood contingent. Are these isolated events or a sign of something more? And what might it mean for Scotland?
Guest writer Andrew Waterston asks whether professional ethics can protect us from climate change if politics isn't doing the job
Few times of the year provide a clearer picture of the corporatisation of Scottish traditions than Halloween - but how much should we resist it?
A week on the 'economic case for independence' is no more credible. Any hopes of a unified independence movement have been extinguished for the foreseeable future so there must be alternatives.
Almost all organisations are noting much lower rates of public engagement since the pandemic and the Scottish party conference season showed it. Will people get active and engage again soon?
The latest dismal paper in a series of dismal papers shows that this is a Scottish Government that has no vision for independence and no realistic grasp of what being an independent country means.
The assumption that nothing much can change in a single political generation is a very British belief. The evidence that major social problems can be tackled shows the pessimism is wrong
Don't worry about the Supreme Court - it makes little difference which way the decision goes. Watch the 'economic case' coming out on Monday. If it isn't good, we're in trouble.
The UK's debt and speculation model is hitting the buffers - Scotland could offer citizens a completely different approach
How is anyone supposed to maintain the pretence that we're on our way to independence after this non-event conference and the shallowness of what is being discussed?
What are the outlines of a sensible approach to a fiscal and monetary policy for the early years of Scottish independence - that might actually work?
The SNP leadership is dropping a new paper on currency on its conference. Its claims to be producing a 'central bank' are very hard to stack up in any way at all.
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