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This account is about trying to hold power to account in Scotland, help people understand what’s really going on and provide some kind of hope that it might actually change
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For years the independence movement has been arguing that Scotland needs to take a different path than Westminster. ScotWind makes all of those arguments hypocritical.
An excellent piece from Nick Kempe on the insidious role of KPMG (and the other Big Accountancy firms) in the government of Scotland
As the West seems determined to start a war with Russia, Simon Jenkins is one of the few people making any sense
There have been big claims about the jobs to result from the ScotWind sell-off but the reality of the proposed action to secure them tells a very different story
The lost of Scottish ownership of the Scottish economy is not a curiosity but an enormous danger for the country and for the independence movement
The ScotWind auction has just handed almost total control of Scotland's energy future to overseas corporations for what looks like a pitifully small sum
This week has shown that the British establishment turns reaches for double standards and distractions whenever its interests are at stake - and so is now unreformable
The latest phase in the pandemic shows that the time when debate only occurs after the rules are made must now come to an end
Claims that a substantial Council Tax rise are essential and too damaging to consider are both correct and will continue to be true until it is replaced
The UK Climate Change Committee's new report to the Scottish Parliament makes sobering reading for those who believe Scotland is a 'climate leader'
The question of Devo Max returns to Scotland with a dispiriting regularity. It is time for its proponents to do some work and explain their proposals - if they can
To understand the world we don't need to give up on seeing the difference between right and left, we just need to add another reference point
Trying to win without trying to humiliate could be the key to getting things done in 2022
A terrible budget settlement and now yet another delay to the Deposit Return Scheme should be causing great concern for the Scottish Greens - but doesn't seem to be
The remit of the Scottish Government's Covid Inquiry is pretty comprehensive and its Chair predictable but solid - but information is still being held back and the reasons for this are not clear
We have medicalised society under the promise that it would bring an end to the Covid crisis - but it hasn't. If we're to find long-term answers, the nature of the Covid debate has to change.
There isn't much positive news around, so I will take great comfort in the wonderful and victorious campaign run by the people of Biggar to save our historic bonfire
New figures show a new low in the proportion of investigations into care providers - but separate figures show quite the opposite for investigations into the workforce. What is going on?
The timeline split in 2014. You're still stuck in Scotland but the Scottish Government has migrated to the other timeline - and everything there is BRILLIANT!
The Scottish Budget is about as stand still as it gets, but bodes ill both for local government and for the prospects of a National Care Service - and Climate Change action
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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