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This account is about trying to hold power to account in Scotland, help people understand what’s really going on and provide some kind of hope that it might actually change
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With utter predictability, a crisis in capitalism comes along, people start looking to solutions from the left, so the establishment starts propagating conspiracy theories...
When I tried to set out a range of actions we could take in Scotland to tackle the cost of living crisis it ended up feeling like fiction. Why?
The grassroots of the independence movement have every right in the world to be angry and frustrated, but those emotions must be used wisely if we are to win.
Keir Starmer is not the solution to Britain's relentless decline, he is a personification of why Britain is in decline in the first place.
Everyone's angry about the state of things, but if anger doesn't become something else, nothing changes and the people you are angry with get away with it.
The population is becoming more anti-establishment by the day. The independence movement must catch up with them or be left behind.
The 'cost of living' crisis is really a crisis of elite greed and global mismanagement. We must engage with this crisis head on, but first we must understand it.
Common Weal is working on a project to create a vision for what an independent Scotland could be. We want you to tell us what should be in it.
World leaders are acting like reckless school children and we should all be terrified
At first glance a 'code of conduct' saying 'be nice' sounds harmless enough. But they never work, and you usually come to regret them
I know how the path set out to independence could be made to work, but I am at a loss in trying to understand how the SNP leadership thinks it could be made to work.
The Scottish Government's paper on the democratic case for independence is decidedly low quality - and badly undermined by the performance of the Scottish Government
Since an intention to hold a 'plebiscite election' was announced, there has been a lot of confusion about what that means. What is it and how is it different from a normal election?
Another major sexual abuse scandal in the SNP shows exactly why the cause of independence must be disentangled from any one political party if there is really to be a plebiscite election
The latest version of Scottish climate denial is to argue that we aren't big enough to matter anyway. But our role can be measured in more than kilotons - Scotland really can make a difference
Attending a music festival turned out to be a transformative experience for my colleague. Can we learn why and use the knowledge to change the world?
The more you look at the new 'indyref plan' the more it becomes clear that it is a fixer-upper. That is very worrying, because the time to fix it up is very limited.
Whatever our reservations, we're left with no option but to make the 'plebiscite election' plan work. Here's how we could do that.
That's me away for two weeks - see you when I get back
If there was to be a referendum next year, how could the independence movement make it work? It is much harder than you might think - but it can be done.
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