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This account is about trying to hold power to account in Scotland, help people understand what’s really going on and provide some kind of hope that it might actually change
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If we move from me to us, from demands to negotiation and from personal to structural, we can reverse the wall-to-wall nastiness of the identity politics era - and focus on the big things our generation must tackle
A politics based on individual identity needs a way to police and segregate those identities - and so language became a bitter and volatile battlefield, with few winners.
How a new academic theory transformed all of western politics, how an exploitative elite grabbed the chance to rebrand itself and how the whole thing led to all-out war.
The gap between the political rhetoric on how terrible poverty is and the political action on doing anything about it widens constantly. Is there any way Scottish politics can start taking the poor seriously?
The death of Tom Nairn casts a pretty harsh light on Scotland's relationship with big ideas and big thinking. Are we really a nation which has turned its back on intellectualism?
A hard-right policy no-one voted for and which benefits only Scotland's elites but manages to block the political space for a proper industrial strategy - it is the Scottish Government in a nutshell
The independence movement tends to believe we've run an effective messaging campaign in recent years and so gets downhearted about the lack of shift in the polls. Optimism lies in the fact that we really didn't.
There is no 'secret brilliant plan' for independence. At the weekend the truth of the emptiness of the SNP's promises were laid bare and it should stimulate some serious soul-searching in the independence movement.
The independence movement has been forced into ever-decreasing circles of process-obsession as a means of delay and control. In 2023 that is likely to run out of steam.
A disparate range of conditions have merged and they're undermining Scottish democracy. Unless this can be addressed the most likely outcome is perpetual government failure.
The UK is fundamentally weak and immune to reform, so it doesn't really matter what happens politically or socially in 2023, the UK will trundle on as is until it is buffeted about by conditions outside of its control.
Global politics is not currently the battle between good and evil you are encouraged to believe it is. It is, as always, mainly about cynical empires pursuing their own selfish interests.
It is harder than it should be to enjoy Christmas this year knowing how much suffering there is. But the humanity in how ordinary people are responding is a very good reason to have hope for the future.
The Scottish Budget will bring grim news, but it is not the end of the story. Doing more of the same will fail, but there are entirely different directions to take
The divisions in the independence movement are over-stated. With some trust, some goodwill and a bit of work, we can achieve the movement building and the reconciliation which brings us together again.
In the wind up to the Festive Season, we're all looking for reasons to be cheerful. The initial response we've had to a big piece of work we did makes me believe that the seed of that cheer is easy to find. If you want to look for it.
It is a universally accepted fact that unity is no longer possible - except it's wrong. There remains massive common cause for campaigners to draw on.
The illusion that we can accept Scottish Government failure because a referendum was round the corner must now come to an end - radical change must be forced upon it
A letter to Gordon Brown, a man sincere in his desire to reform the UK but unable to be honest that it isn't possible in a country that is more collapsed empire than modern nation state
In which, against his better judgement, Robin tells a story about writing the new Common Weal book as a metaphor for how the independence movement can start to get out of the doldrums...
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