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Robin McAlpine +RobinMcAlpine
This account is about trying to hold power to account in Scotland, help people understand what’s really going on and provide some kind of hope that it might actually change
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Glasgow City Council has launched a high-profile green development plan for the city. Should we be taking this seriously?
Joe Biden's recent foreign policy moves raise the question - what actually IS his foreign policy strategy? This is an early analysis
The craven U-turn by the Scottish Greens on a National Energy Company is no less startling for being predictable
Following yesterday's analysis of why we're seeing so many global shortages, what exactly do we do about it in Scotland?
Sudden shortages of consumer goods at the global level can't be blamed on Covid or Brexit - those are only the shocks which revealed the underlying problem
Rather than being a sudden result of Covid or Brexit, the supply chain crisis has been building for a long time and this analysis explains how
A rather depressing analysis of the way we're causing the extinction of an enormous number of plant species and flooding the world with mono-crops
As the Scottish Government turns to fix the fallout of yesterday's mistakes, tomorrow's mistakes are already happening
More news of industrial failures casts a harsh light on how well economic policy in Scotland is performing
In an era when scrutiny of the powerful in Scotland is at a low point, we can't afford steps which reduce the opportunity for effective public action
Both the SNP and Alba had party conferences at the weekend but neither told us anything we didn't already know
Unity may be too much to hope for, but is respectful plurality really impossible?
Baltimore drug gangs? Senior public officials with second jobs? It's all in the game, right? And the game stinks
The Scottish Government has dropped plans for a publicly-owned National Energy Company. What does this mean for Scotland?
The always brilliant Aditya Chakraborty explains why the low-pay economy is behind Britain's failures
...and this short, very funny (and sweary) video explains why
If you missed the Ferret and Herald's series on power in Scotland you should definitely go back and have a look
The First Minister's plan for a referendum is not a plan but a script to make it look like something is happening
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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