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Scottish independence from the United Kingdom and European Union.
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Across the world, national independence movements have invariably achieved their end without without the need for a prospectus. In fact, it’s a curious device, a sort of election manifesto for the indefinite future, certain to date hard and fast. ‘Building a New Scotland’ is an oddly singular vision, derived not as a result of any ... Read on
Sovereignty’s stance on gender recognition reform Why is society being turned upside down for the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Act (GRR) for what, for some, is a whim, for others, an opportunity to commit evil? Those with genuine gender dysphoria are almost irrelevant in this social engineering exercise. We should all believe in looking after ... Read on
Interview with Rev. David Robertson
'Scotland's Journey Toward Independence' with Jim Sillars
Given the United States’ role as trendsetters globally, the US Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v Jackson will resonate in a particular way in Western Europe, which tends to follow the States in sociocultural matters by a decade or so. That the United States ended up with some of the most permissive abortion laws on ... Read on
'The State of Scottish Politics' with Jim Fairlie Sr. and Jim Spence
On Friday 1 April, Restore Scotland relaunched as Sovereignty at a meeting of members in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire[1]. We remain committed to full independence for Scotland from the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom as opposed to the independence currently on offer, which is merely another form of unionism willing to squander political and economic ... Read on
On 1 April 2022, Restore Scotland was relaunched as Sovereignty, a new force in Scottish politics that champions the ideals of national sovereignty, self-government and independence.

In the present international order, following centuries of independence movements and decolonisation, Scotland stands in an invidious...
My name is David Dyson and I live in Dundee having moved from Yorkshire in 2009. I had an addiction problem which took the form of cocaine, ecstasy and speed (otherwise known as methamphetamine). Everything came to a head in 2010 when I became homeless and was placed in a Salvation Army resettlement unit. I ... Read on
I love Christmas. From mid-November, Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ are mainstays on my playlist and our family tree is usually erected around the same time. The change of pace coupled with cosying up under blankets with my children for the first two Home Alone movies and ... Read on
Leader of Restore Scotland, David McHutchon, explains on BBC Scotland's 'The Nine' why Scotland’s independence from the EU could be an opportunity for low-wage earners in Scotland.

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Join us to bring #TrueIndy to Scotland - free from the UK...
Poland – the biggest beneficiary of European Union (EU) membership almost every year since joining the bloc in 2004[1] – has seen more international news coverage than usual for taking a bold stance in recent weeks against EU bullies. However, it has been castigated by the EU as a result and, although it may be ... Read on
At the weekend, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a return to face masks and self-isolation as the new Covid variant – Omicron – alighted on British shores[1]. A further six cases were identified in Scotland a day later[2] and as is standard practice, we Scots can expect even more stringent measures from a government ... Read on
COP26 and the Threat to Scottish Industries What an utterly nauseating and polarising experience week one of COP26 has been. Nothing emphasises the overwhelming chasm gradually materialising between our politicians and people more than tens of thousands protesting their environmental concerns on the streets of Glasgow. Meanwhile, ordinary people are locked out of speeches by ... Read on
Restore Scotland will hold its first National Congress in Dundee on Saturday, 2 October 2021. Congress will be open to all party members. According to Brian Nugent, Secretary of the party, “Restore Scotland’s unique selling point is that the party wants Scotland to be independent of both the UK and the EU.  This double-out position ... Read on
On Tuesday 11 September 2001, French brothers Jules Clément Naudet and Thomas Gédéon Naudet were shooting documentary footage of routine checks performed by the New York City Fire Department in Lower Manhattan. Little did Jules know, the trivial nature of his footage would embody global significance. At 8:46am, he captured the clearest footage of American Airlines’ ... Read on
Following successful launches of our Dundee and Aberdeenshire branches, Restore Scotland held its very first ever branch meeting in Glasgow on 29 July 2021, at O’Neill’s Bar near Glasgow Central Station. At the event, seven speakers addressed a range of topics, including the defence of Scotland’s national sovereignty; the SNP’s assault of free speech; the ... Read on
I am a hard line, uncompromising Scottish Nationalist and have been all my life. I joined the SNP in Perth when I was 15 years old in 1955 and I have never wavered in my belief in Scottish Independence, by which I mean independent of both Westminster and the EU. I have absolutely no qualms ... Read on
The typical consensus is that coalition governments do the junior partners no favours. With the SNP having danced for years to a tune of Patrick Harvie’s choosing, it seems reasonable to assume that today’s announcement of an Scottish Greens-SNP hookup may prove to be an exception. With its prioritisation of transgender over all other group ... Read on
Restore Scotland has at its heart the value of “The defence of Individual Liberties”. We could understand individual liberties as Civil Rights: the rights (and subsequent responsibilities) inalienable to an individual as they exist within a community. The defence of these is fundamental to the modern liberal democratic tradition. In fact, I would go so ... Read on
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