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Scottish independence from the United Kingdom and European Union.
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Celebrate Burns Night with Sovereignty! But, if ye wish her gratfu’ prayer, Gie her a Hagg We are delighted to invite you to our first major social event and party fundraiser. Join us for an evening of Scottish tradition and good cheer as we celebrate Robert Burns at the stunning Crieff Hydro on the evening ... Read on
The SNP was formed almost 90 years ago. No one should be surprised that they wanted independence, that was a founding principle in 1934. That was then, and for a long time after, but now? Election time sees Independence wheeled out, the SNP win an election mandate, and then nothing is done. After several recent ... Read on
In 1967, when Winnie won the Hamilton by-election, she famously said, ‘Stop the World, Scotland wants to get on’. The win was the start of the rise of the SNP with Independence becoming an election issue. Winnie is the only politician to have been a member of the Westminster Parliament, the European Parliament and the ... Read on
Sovereignty believes that the Scottish Government must instruct the Fisheries Protection Agency to pick up their oversight role to protect those fishing boats, local and foreign, abiding by the rules, and to enforce the rules on those fishing boats, local and foreign, who do not abide by the rules. Sovereignty is committed to the long-term aim ... Read on
“Sovereignty believes that the Scottish Greens are a danger to the Scottish oil industry and the many oil related jobs, direct and indirect, that society will be using oil products for another 50 years until non-oil replacements are in place, that the oil industry in Scottish waters must be protected, and where appropriate new oil ... Read on
“Sovereignty stands with the Scottish coastal communities in opposing the Scottish Government’s plans for Highly Protected Marine Areas.” The Scottish Government’s HPMA proposals will undoubtedly do major damage to coastal communities, if implemented; they must be fought and defeated. As usual, our urban elite are showing blatant disregard for who make their living off the...
It’s a basic principle of democracy that you do not disenfranchise your fellow citizens by framing the vote. In a general election, this means allowing the widest array of different candidates and parties to stand: and if a group of citizens do not have a party that represents their views, allowing them to form one. ... Read on
As a party, we wish to reaffirm our opposition to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (GRR). By removing medical supervision, and extending eligibility for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to anyone aged 16 or over who self-identifies as the opposite sex, the safety of women and children is compromised as well as diminishing support ... Read on
Across the world, national independence movements have invariably achieved their end without without the need for a prospectus. In fact, it’s a curious device, a sort of election manifesto for the indefinite future, certain to date hard and fast. ‘Building a New Scotland’ is an oddly singular vision, derived not as a result of any ... Read on
Sovereignty’s stance on gender recognition reform Why is society being turned upside down for the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Act (GRR) for what, for some, is a whim, for others, an opportunity to commit evil? Those with genuine gender dysphoria are almost irrelevant in this social engineering exercise. We should all believe in looking after ... Read on
Interview with Rev. David Robertson
'Scotland's Journey Toward Independence' with Jim Sillars
Given the United States’ role as trendsetters globally, the US Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v Jackson will resonate in a particular way in Western Europe, which tends to follow the States in sociocultural matters by a decade or so. That the United States ended up with some of the most permissive abortion laws on ... Read on
'The State of Scottish Politics' with Jim Fairlie Sr. and Jim Spence
On Friday 1 April, Restore Scotland relaunched as Sovereignty at a meeting of members in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire[1]. We remain committed to full independence for Scotland from the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom as opposed to the independence currently on offer, which is merely another form of unionism willing to squander political and economic ... Read on
On 1 April 2022, Restore Scotland was relaunched as Sovereignty, a new force in Scottish politics that champions the ideals of national sovereignty, self-government and independence.

In the present international order, following centuries of independence movements and decolonisation, Scotland stands in an invidious...
My name is David Dyson and I live in Dundee having moved from Yorkshire in 2009. I had an addiction problem which took the form of cocaine, ecstasy and speed (otherwise known as methamphetamine). Everything came to a head in 2010 when I became homeless and was placed in a Salvation Army resettlement unit. I ... Read on
I love Christmas. From mid-November, Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ and Frank Sinatra’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ are mainstays on my playlist and our family tree is usually erected around the same time. The change of pace coupled with cosying up under blankets with my children for the first two Home Alone movies and ... Read on
Leader of Restore Scotland, David McHutchon, explains on BBC Scotland's 'The Nine' why Scotland’s independence from the EU could be an opportunity for low-wage earners in Scotland.

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Join us to bring #TrueIndy to Scotland - free from the UK...
Poland – the biggest beneficiary of European Union (EU) membership almost every year since joining the bloc in 2004[1] – has seen more international news coverage than usual for taking a bold stance in recent weeks against EU bullies. However, it has been castigated by the EU as a result and, although it may be ... Read on
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