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The glimmer of hope that Labour could make sufficient gains in the polls to deny a Conservative majority is starting to fade The post Hope fading appeared first on The Resolute Scot.
A few thoughts on the recent events regarding Denise Findlay The post My Thoughts appeared first on The Resolute Scot.
Last nights Survation poll shows exactly what needs to happen in order for a Conservative majority to be avoided. The post Straw in the Wind appeared first on The Resolute Scot.
The polls are very volatile, but they all seem to be showing the Conservative vote holding steadfast. Labour needs to really squeeze the center ground to have any chance of stopping a Conservative victory. All the talk over the last few days has been of a Labour bounce in the polls, bringing back memories of…The post The Big Squeeze appeared first on The Resolute Scot.
In two weeks time, there will only be a couple of hours left for people to vote in the 2019 General Election. As things stand things are looking good for the SNP The post Two weeks to go appeared first on The Resolute Scot.
It was only going to be a matter of time before happened, but the promise of a section 30 order if pro-independence parties get a majority in 2021 is now becoming talked about more. It should be rejected for the con that it is.
Up until now we have had to reply on sub samples to give us an idea of the state of the parties in Scotland, but finally we have our first full Scottish poll.
The refusal of the UK Government to return control of the Chagos Islands shows that the colonial mentality is still alive and strong in the minds of UK politicians.
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