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Music. Politics. Challenges #MSM bias. For #Basicincome & Scottish Indy. Tories are about conserving a have/have not society. PS Not really a Radio Station
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My second show on Indy Live Radio is now up on Mixcloud.
Videos have been posted onto YouTube, over eight months late, a day after my last post about this and still with videos missing
I finally got the chance to showcase my own musical taste and what I am currently listening to
Basic Income Network Scotland now looking to post what they have prior to BIEN 2022
Delighted to announce that I am a new presenter on Indy Live Radio.
Seems a lot of Unionists have been asking the question, "If England left the UK, would rUK pay its pensions?"This is a nonsense, strawman scenario, being used in an attempt to con Scots and sow fear over pensions.
Further to my blog about pensions last August (see here), there has been a lot of commentary of late, so I thought I would follow it up with an addendum post, of sorts. Unsurprisingly, Unionist bull-shitters are continuing to lie to Scots and misrepresent the actuality of UK state pensions. The current entitlement to a … Continue reading "Lies Unionists Tell Us: Pensions, Part 2."
Whilst Basic Income Network Scotland and Strathclyde University both remain quiet on the matter, someone at Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) has been able to provide something of an update on what has happened about the failure of the host orgs to produce any session videos from the BIEN 2021 Congress, held virtually from Glasgow, … Continue reading "BIEN2021 Missing Videos...
If you try to access the online Whova portal, where Basic Income Earth Network had its virtual 2021 Congress, you will now fail to gain access. Four months after the event, and prior to any of the session videos being uploaded for people to see, there is no longer a platform to put the videos … Continue reading "BIEN 2021: Online Host Closes Event Before Videos Uploaded"
A joyous coming together of Basic Income advocates from around the world has failed to maintain the enthusiasm and momentum achieved during the congress itself.
This subject seems to rear its head every now and again, with the intent of those doing so being to sow fear and misinformation. Rather than take for granted that people know and understand the actuality, I thought I would post about it. UK State Pension Entitlement The specifics about this are openly available from … Continue reading "Lies Unionists Tell Us: Pensions"
The Tories have realised that having Salmond in the Scottish Parliament gives them a target they can aim at during a referendum campaign.
Why Buffy Summers, Faith, Kendra and all the Vampire Slayers, would support a Universal #BasicIncome.#UBI
In October 2019, I blogged about the issue: The SNP: Does It Have A Secret Plan B? In that blog I concluded that the SNP must have at least a Plan B to the ‘Gold Standard’ of obtaining a Section 30 order from Westminster, to run a second referendum on Scottish Independence. At that time, I … Continue reading "It’s Time To Kick the Indy Parties Into Action"
Wings Over Europe Tour Bus 2 : The Update!Back in December 2017, I wrote a blog post about The Curious History of the Wings Over Europe Tour Bus (WNO 481). Now I can reveal what happened next.
Sunday 19 January 2020: The SEC Armadillo, Glasgow. The main event is Paul Carrack, with band. Supporting is Amy Meehan.
Pictures from #AUOBGlasgow on 11 January 2020, featuring
I'm writing this mostly for the benefit of the progressives in the English electorate. There is no sugar coating this. England is gone. England is done for you. The Tories are going to rip-up decades of social progress and take the UK out of the EU in order to do so.
I’m seeing a lot of anger, frustration and confusion out there amongst those opposed to Boris’s Brexit deal and Scottish Indy folk in particular. You need to calm down. Responding in anger, frustration and confusion, is what the likes of Bojo and Cummings want you to do. You are more likely to make a mistake … Continue reading "You Need To Calm Down (A Blog About Brexit, Not...
In the strange world of politics, it is unusual, if not downright foolish, to not have a back-up plan or fall-back position. Yet the Scottish National Party steadfastly refuses to publicly entertain any notion that there are any alternative routes to Scottish Independence than obtaining a Section 30 Order from the UK Government. A lot … Continue reading "The SNP: Does It Have A Secret...
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