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Jeremy Corbyn's man in Scotland, Richard Leonard this week implied that the Scottish Government should be doing something about redundancies at RBS and Airdrie Savings Bank.However he was left looking slightly embarrassed as the First Minister had to explain to him that the unfortunate limitations left on the government meant that these parts of the economy are controlled by UK ministers in...
THE Scottish government have ramped up the pressure on Theresa May's wounded executive after vowing to help Ireland fight a return to border checkpoints. As concerns mount that the UK's Brexit ambitions are unpicking the progress made during the Good Friday Agreement, Scotland's external affairs secretary Fiona Hyslop pledged to back Ireland on "every substantive issue relating to Brexit". ...
A government report has estimated that around 30,000 Scots could lose their entitlement to disability payments. Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman has written to Penny Mordaunt, the Minister for Disabled People, pleading with her to call on her colleagues in Westminster to take action.
Kengo Kuma said: “The realisation of the strong façade is great. We were able to express the dynamic scale of the interior, too - just as we had planned. In the past I visited Scotland many times, this is a very beautiful country, and I'm truly in love with the Scottish landscape and nature.”
The Scottish Government are to set up a publicly-owned, not-for-profit energy company, the country’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed today. The SNP leader told the party’s conference in Glasgow that the company will sell energy to customers at “as close to cost price as possible”. Ms Sturgeon said it would be set up by 2021, and would give […]
The streets of Edinburgh were abuzz with protest today again after thousands of Scots turned out in solidarity with Catalonia.The city's streets were filled with protesters for the second time in a week as crowds gathered outside the Spanish consulate in Edinburgh last week to demonstrate against the Franco like repression being visited upon the Catalan people.
Scottish voting intentions for Westminster (Panelbase) are as follows : SNP 41% (+4) Conservatives 27% (-2) Labour 24% (-3)Liberals 6% (-1) and Greens 2% (+2)
Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, has said of the referendum: “We have the full force of the state against us. Faced with jail and other threats, we are more determined than ever.” But Spain’s Conservative Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said laws passed by the Catalan government connected to the referendum were “illegal and anti-democratic”, adding: “There will not be a...
The editor of Vanity Fair in the UK has launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Theresa May, saying her actions were not so much Henry VIII as Adolf Hitler. The article reads as follows: It is one of the great ironies of Brexit that the UK’s messy divorce from Europe, sold as an effort to reclaim parliamentary sovereignty, has instead delivered its opposite. Last Monday, the House of...
IT is a tremendous honour to be asked to speak in the memory of one of Scotland’s greatest champions for democracy. Let me apologise at the beginning, I’m not a historian – I say that because there are a few here. It is not my purpose tonight to give a historical appreciation of the life […]
Since Jeremy Corbyn is currently in Scotland using the platform the BBC have given him to tell Scots their government aren’t doing enough to mitigate UK austerity, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of how Labour really compare to the SNP, and indeed what Corbyn’s vision would mean for us. In their general election […]
We can certainly dismiss the official explanation for the election out of hand. Theresa May has a comfortable majority on Brexit. She won't brook any opposition whatsoever but to complain that she was bounced into an early election by the Liberal Democrat's threat to bring the business of Westminster to a halt is beyond absurd. I can personally assure Theresa May that if anyone is going to play...
A leaked minute from Labour confirms the low moral within the party that has led to news they are to field only one candidate for the ward despite holding two of the existing seats. The SNP believe they're standing aside to allow support to be focussed on the other main unionist candidate, former Labour member turned Tory, James Kerr, as the best prospect of defeating the SNP who remain way...
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