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A Scottish Politics Podcast: Scotland’s Parliament, Politics & Political People feat. multi-award-winner D. McColgan
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Tonight's episode: Scottish drugs policy. What's going on and what it tells us about Scottish politics & society; with guest David Scott from Nil By Mouth.
Tonight we talk to Dave Eiser of the Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde about what Rishi Sunak’s spending review means for Scotland & other matters economic. Enjoy!
Tonight we talk about the fissiparous SNP & its NEC; £500 bonuses for health and care staff, free school meals and whether anyone can figure out how to judge Nicola Sturgeon on her record on education. Enjoy!
It's our 100th episode! In it we talk to Neil Gray MP on the differences between Westminster and Holyrood, his decision to leave the former for the latter and whether a second Scottish independence referendum is imminent. Enjoy!
We talk to campaigner Eireann McAuley about teacher training, oversupply, undersupply & Covid plus the scribbled notes that pass for Scottish Government education policy. Enjoy!
It’s our bumper US election special! With a REAL LIVE AMERICAN (Patrick Hogan)! What does a Joe Biden Democratic presidency mean for the States and for Scotland? Enjoy!
So much for a Scottish green new deal. We talk about the recent STUC report 'Scotland's Renewable Jobs Crisis' with Francis Stuart. Enjoy is probably not the right word this time.
Tonight we welcome friend of the podcast & public affairs guru Graeme Downie of Orbit Communications and talk Covid, the SNP and The Winter's Tale of Jeremy Corbyn (exit pursed by a journalist).
Its SNP-tastic today! Kate Forbes and the Scottish budget; *those* text messages (yes, the Peter Murrell and Alex Salmond ones)and a bit of Covid stuff, where we feel sorry for Nicola Sturgeon. Blimey, what times we live in!
Do the results of the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey give Scotland's politicians a licence to be radical? Tax rises for all? Listen on...
In this episode we talk with Alastair Stewart of Orbit Communications about the position of the Scottish Tories and about innovation in community engagement & consultation. Enjoy!
Tonight we talk with Dr. Tim Rideout of the Scottish Currency Group and Modern Money Scotland about currency in a newly independent Scotland. Fascinating and illuminating in equal measure. Enjoy!
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