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UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s budget will see Scotland face crippling inflation with record taxes and spending cuts - a new austerity agenda that Labour is also signed up to. But it isn’t all bad news. In his effort to balance the books, Hunt has unwittingly revealed the true extent of Scotland’s wealth. A £14...
‘NATION: The Power of Scotland’It’s time to turn our attention to home and explore Scotland’s huge potential as an independent nation. ‘NATION: The Power of Scotland’ will be feature length documentary that examines key issues in the constitutional debate.- Independent high production film with a positive vision of an independent Scotland.- An engaging, informative...
JOURNEY TO YES - Gamers for Independence. We explore the fascinating story of how Scotland became a global games capital and multibillion industry that now rivals our whisky industry success. Dáibhí the Scottish Yorkshireman tells his own remarkable story of moving to independence and is your expert guide to the...
Why are pro-unionist always banging on about the financial black hole of Scottish independence?
The successor state, which would be our UK, would retain responsibility for the debt.
I think it's quite reasonable to argue that Scotland may have
little or no...
The new grassroots campaign for Scottish independence
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Now Scotland evolved out of two of mass online events held in November 2020 organised by members of the All Under One Banner team on the future of independence campaigning. Over 1200 people...
Based on 'Scotland - The Wealthiest Country in Europe'
Advance Screening 23rd December:
Scottish Independence Star Wars mix
SUPPORT THIS PROJECT As this is released, Vietnam with a population of 97 million currently has reported under 300 Covid 19 cases and zero deaths. As an emerging economy with limited health resources in the eye of the Asian sourced Coronavirus storm, just how has Vietnam...
Estonia is proof of what happens when a nation takes control of its destiny and embraces the future. Just over 30 years ago Estonia freed itself from a broken Soviet Union to finally realise its true potential. This incredible wee nation of just over 1 million people committed to a new adventure in digital and has...
A look at what Scotland can expect without independence and staying in the UK.
'FUTURE SCOTLAND - Scotland's Place in Europe' Ewan Hunter journeys to Brussels to explore Scotland's changing relationship with the EU.
Event Details
Tickets Cost £5.00
'FUTURE SCOTLAND - Scotland's Place in Europe' Ewan Hunter  journeys to Brussels to explore Scotland's changing relationship with the EU.
Event Details
Tickets Cost £5.00
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