Join Now Scotland on the Glasgow COP26 demonstration as we march for independence and climate justice on Saturday 6 November.

Scotland—and Glasgow in particular—will be the focus of the world’s attention in November. As an independent country, we could lead the world in developing renewable energy and a sustainable, green economy that creates decent jobs now and for future generations.

If we don’t demand climate action, some parts of our country (whether independent or not) could be under water within the lifetime of the younger generations. We have a responsibility to play our part in the movement for climate justice.

We need to demonstrate to the world that the independence movement is vibrant, relevant and serious about tackling the climate crisis. Now Scotland is mobilising its members and calls on the whole indy movement to join in the events around COP26 and ensure that, after 26 years of failure, it is remembered as the summit that took real and lasting action.

Let’s make sure that the people of Scotland and the case for independence are seen and heard across the world.
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