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Now Scotland +NowScotland
A grassroots, non-party campaign based on individual membership, committed to achieving Scottish independence as soon as possible. Advocating the right of the Scottish people alone to determine their form of government.
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INDY campaign group All Under One Banner (AUOB) is organising an emergency demonstration in Glasgow calling for the sacking of Boris Johnson, the…
"Never again should any Government treat a public health crisis as an opportunity to enrich its associates and donors at public expense."

BREAKING: High Court finds Government PPE ‘VIP’ lane for politically connected suppliers ‘unlawful’
Best wishes to the whole indy family for 2022! We're back in action - and the Westminster rot continues

An email shared exclusively with ITV News proves a party took place on May 20, 2020, in which staff were invited to 'make the most of the lovely weather'. | ITV National News

LABOUR leader Keir Starmer’s latest relaunch speech has drawn attention mainly because of its embrace of "patriotism,” (six mentions,)…
The Now Scotland team are currently on our Christmas break but would like to take the opportunity to wish all our members and followers a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday season. The team thanks you all for your support this year!
Join our Zoom panel and discussion at 7pm. Hear from COP26 Coalition coordinator Quan Nguyen, Glasgow trade unionist Stuart Graham, Stirling uni professor Iain Black and journalist and campaigner Lesley Riddoch
Our zoom meeting tonight, Tuesday 14th December, will be Now Scotland’s last meeting of the year and we hope to go out on positive note.
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Online Event -
Lesley Riddoch – journalist and campaigner. Iain Black - Professor of Sustainable Consumption, University of Stirling and COP26 observer. Stuart Graham - Glasgow Trades Council and member of Campaign Against Climate Change. Quan Nguyen – Co-ordinator of COP26 Coalition, based in Edinburgh
This is a positive development. Trade unionists are allies in the fight for indyref2. Very many will agree with the democratic principle that it's our right to decide our own future

LABOUR’s relationship with the union movement has frequently been difficult and could become even more so in Scotland because of its stance on a…
donated, "not elected"

#ourrightotdecide #indyref2

AN UNELECTED Tory donor has said he is "proud" to have been made a peer and a minister in the Scotland Office.
An indy Scotland would not be tied to the polluted politics of Westminster and we'd be closer to the decisions that shape our future, but action on the climate cannot wait until then!

Join our discussion After COP26: Where now for the indy movement and climate justice?

The CCC said: “Climate policy in Scotland must focus on the transition to net zero and the need for rapid progress by 2030.
"Meanwhile, the reek of Westminster corruption is just one more reason why people in Scotland might want to take control of their own affairs and develop a process of government which is fair, transparent, and accountable."

We need to talk about Boris. In some ways, it is astonishing that Johnson remains in office.
From a few weeks ago but a reminder (if any were needed) of just some of the despicable lies told by the Tory PM. Wonder how many more he's told since this was put together! #liarjohnson #ToriesOut

“Now on a staggering 40 MILLION VIEWS! Despite an almost complete media blackout from UK News Channels working TOGETHER we have sent a powerful message. If it’s ruffling this many feathers now...
Positive news. We need to see much more of this kind of thing

NICOLA Sturgeon has welcomed the news that the UK's largest wind tower factory is to be built in Scotland.
Tory Priti Patel's cruel new anti-refugee bill will only cause more heartache for those desperate people seeking a better life for themselves and their families who risk all because Westminster won't provide #SafePassage. We are for more compassion and say new Scots are welcome here

The Nationality and Borders Bill will create an even more hostile environment for people seeking asylum. This...
Meanwhile, approval ratings for Prime Minister Boris Johnson have hit a record low in Scotland #ourighttodecide

SUPPORT for Scottish independence has risen to its highest level for a year, according to a new poll.
Go along and show your support if you can make it
Thanks to all the volunteers who carried our Now Scotland banner on the Indy Bloc at the COP26 demo
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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