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The Orkney News is a community based, not for profit, free to view online newspaper bringing the alternative news to Orkney.
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“Objects and remains of animals and human activity have been found that we didn’t even know existed. " Birgitte Skar, NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) University Museum.
“The introduction of the bedroom tax has been one of the cruellest policies introduced by this UK Tory government as it targets the most vulnerable in our society." Emma Roddick MSP
" There have been some changes since we were there last - all positive."
The cumulative total of Covid cases in Orkney is now at 5,354.
some hail and thunder possible, strong westerly winds will continue to make it feel quite cold. Maximum temperature 11 °C.
Rebel Orkney: Tales of insurrection from Orcadian history is available to order from all good book sellers
"During the herring fishing season in Stronsay, the population could swell by about 4,000 souls and all those extra folk needed to be fed."
It is even more urgent for Scotland to secure children’s rights given the UK Government’s recently announced plan to weaken the protections in the Human Rights Act." Bruce Adamson, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland
"Many of the old ways of life were similar in widespread farming and fishing communities, and are now fading from the places which can be linked by tales such as those told by Patrick-James – and Robert Rendall"
It’s important that we don’t become numb to this and that we remember that we’re seeing unheralded levels of sleaze and corruption by people who are supposed to represent us.
Fresh southerly winds becoming strong westerlies. Maximum temperature 13 °C.
While land-use change remains the most important driver of decline, the impact of climate change on butterflies is also evident in the new Red List
Basically F Zero is a super-fast Sci Fi racer that Sony’s Wipeout is very much inspired by.
Workers at Marine Scotland in seafaring roles will take part in two separate periods of 48-hour strike action involving Marine Protection Vessels (MPV) Hirta on 26 and 27 May, and Jura on 3 and 4 June.
A national consultation has been launched to find out views on school uniform.
"It’s hard to love someone so much, and lose them. "
Maximum temperature 13 °C.
"These photos of the beautiful tiny flowers were taken on Sunday, in Orkney."
“Bumblebees are mostly threatened by loss and degradation of nesting and feeding habitat." Richard Comont, Science Manager at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust
"Mike heard a cuckoo at the back of our house a few days ago, which we took to be a sign that it is Spring - whatever the weather is doing!"
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